Sex Amma

Sex Amma

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Amma, I am in a relationship with my classmate. We have a fine equation but when it comes to sex…our approach is different. She never seems to give importance to it..GRE, DebSoc, DramSoc and a million other socs…she always has some excuse. How do I strike a balance?


Oh Babu, my heart aches for you! Such imbalances between partners’ desires for sex can pose differences in relationships. But often partners have different notions about a relationship. Perhaps your partner feels that being together and companionship are more important.

Now take control of the situation and don’t act like a machhi out of water. Do not pressure her into anything. What does she perceive sex to be.. try discussing it. She might be scared, talk to her about it. I am sure your concern will ignite the passion within her and with amma’s blessings, the two of you will be tumbling beneath the sheets in no time!


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