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Signature Campaign by Tibetan Youth Congress

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Tibetan Youth Congress has initiated a signature campaign and organised a street play, photo exhibition, documentary film screening in Delhi University and vowed to take their mission to every corner of the world and spread that Tibet’s struggle for freedom is a struggle for truth and justice.

The organization appealed to students to support their cause highlighting the brutality and sufferings many Tibetan’s face under Chinese rule.

Many students showed their support and participated in the signature campaign. Many DU students volunteered for the event raising awareness about their cause in colleges.

The event was held to commemorate the selfless sacrifices that Tibetan martyrs showed in the uprising of 27TH September 1987.

They lamented the historic event of 1987 when patriotic Tibetan’s demonstrated in streets on the streets of Lhasa shouting “free Tibet” and asking Chinese to go away, but they were arrested and brutally beaten. Despite Chinese military crackdown and harsh persecutions, Tibetan’s in Tibet still stand in unity and raised their voice against the brutal oppression.

“Even today our struggle gets stronger than ever. We would make sure none of their voice goes unheard and we stand in strong conviction that the flame of truth would never extinguish. The current situation is getting even worse and intense inside Tibet” exclaimed one of the volunteers.

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