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Win a 7 Up Bheja Fry Gift Hamper!

I was right in the middle of completing a very important overdue assignment (and streaming my favorite movie) when without warning, my computer just died! It refused to...

2008 – September

September 02, 2008 September 09, 2008 September 16, 2008 September 23, 2008

2008 – August

August 18, 2008

Teacher Sacked for Seeking Sexual Favours

After a year of speculation and discussion, the Executive Council of Delhi University finally decided to clear the docks and showed the door to DU reader Atul Razdan.

In Conversation with the Vice Chancellor

1. What are the key issues for the next academic year? We have decided that all PG courses will follow the semester system from 2009, while the same will apply to UG...

Countdown to Justice: A Dialogue on Bhopal

Countdown to Justice: A Dialogue on Bhopal A Panel Discussion on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, organised by DU Beat in association with COVERT-a fortnightly magazine DU Beat-...

Movie Review: The Dark Knight

-Jonathan Daniel Luther Why! Oh God! Did he have to DIE? After Heath Ledger’s stunningly brilliant performance in The Dark Knight it just seems too unfair to have...

Girl in Stephens commits suicide over bad result

A final year student of Economics at St Stephen's College, Upasana Sahu, was found hanging by the ceiling fan in her east Delhi residence last Thursday.

WordSpill – A Monthly Creative Writing Competition

Public latrines and the divine scent that encompasses us as we walk past these temples dedicated to filth; Who says brilliant literature can't be shitty. In this case...

The new drill:Kill a dog, pay two grand

-Paridhi Gupta, Mehroo Batra Kill a dog, smash its head. Watch the blood trickle in your room. Hear the helpless animals wordless scream of agony. Unreal, inhuman,...