DU North Campus: Where the Insiders go

To the virgin eyes of a fresher, the DU North Campus is surely not a let-down.Places to eat and shop at in Hudson Lane and Kamla Nagar are endless. After an initial rush through the various swanky joints however, money coffers begin to run a little dry and the perpetual cycle of being broke in college, comes into play.  It is then that these places turn out to be your go-to spots:

Jyoti Chinese Corner at Patel Chest
Situated amidst the gazillion printing shops and book stalls in Patel Chest, Jyoti is a small stall dishing out excellent food. For such a tiny establishment, it certainly boasts an extensive menu starting from the famous momo and chowmein, to thukpa and shyapta (a Tibeatan meat dish). The portions are also quite large. The only glitch perhaps is that it is constantly packed and seating is limited to about 5 persons. However, for such good food at reasonable rates, who would even complain waiting for a few minutes? One insider tip is to order the ‘home delivery momo’ which although priced substantially higher than the regular momo they serve, is definitely a must have!

Le-phing at MajnukaTilla

The best reason to visit the famous Tibetan Market, which is a 15 minute auto ride away from North Campus, is perhaps to try ‘Le-Phing’ which is only available here. A famous Tibetan street dish, Le-Phing is usually priced at Rs30 a bowl, and served both dry and with soup, and you can either choose it in yellow or white. Most stall owners are tight lipped about how they prepare it, so you probably won’t even know what you’re actually having. It’s basically a cold mung bean noodle dish dolled up with soya-beans, soya-sauce, salt, vinegar and some magical chutney-like concoction. Perhaps an acquired taste, Le-phing has some serious die-hard fans. If you join the club, expect frequent trips to MajnuKaTilla in between classes to satiate le-phing cravings.

Waffle Hut at Kamla Nagar
This is a waffle joint in a small bylane in Kamla Nagar, behind the McDonalds on Bungalow Road. Be-fitting its name, it boasts a wide range of freshly made waffles with both sweet and savoury toppings. In case you want to try an extensive variety, it is advisable to order quarter sized pieces with different toppings. The unique pizza waffle is definitely worth a try! Since it is tucked in between many other shops, you might overlook it, so asking for directions is helpful.

Bistro at Kamla Nagar
A perfect way to ‘TRY’ to beat the summer heat is to have one of the various drinks and sundaes available at this stall. While there are many places around campus offering the same, its main attraction is its pricing. An almost half-a-litre glass of Virgin Mojito comes at 50rs, and a substantial helping of chocolate fudge sundae at just Rs.60. In addition, veg sandwiches and snacks are also available. Although seating isn’t available, you can’t help yourself from going back once you’ve tried it.

FUNKY at Bungalow Road

A mini Sarojini-Nagar, Funky is a clothing shop that many DU students frequent. Although there are many vendors selling cheap clothes on the streets, the collection here is the best. Tops, dresses, trousers and shorts are priced at around Rs.150 to 250. An occasional gem in the form of a cocktail dress or branded item isn’t uncommon here. However, sometimes the clothes are a little costume-like, so a keen look through the racks can go a long way. Also, they do bring in new stuff quite frequently. Since it is somewhat hidden in a basement amidst the shops in Bungalow Road, it is best to ask seniors or friends for directions.


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