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The third-year students of The Third Act had claimed to have faced abuse by the convenor. However, the convenor denies the allegations and claims their disorderly behaviour was the reason for their suspension.

The recent events that took place in the dramatics society of Satyawati College spurred a row of accusations. In a conversation with the convenor, the professor informed that the college has not done anything. The third-year students have made a huge issue, which was not supposed to be, and due to the ruckus they created, they had to be suspended from the society.

The professor went on to inform us that the letter that was sent to the students, talked about the indiscipline that they created. He explained that due to the news that went up one-sided, the college has asked the students for clarification on the irregularities that have occurred in the dramatics society. The college has asked both the students and the convenor to respond to the same.

The chats that have taken place between the students, as claimed by the professor, has addressed the professor in a disrespectful manner by using only his first name. The professor also asserted that nobody has done anything with them. Just a disciplinary action has been taken against the third-years.

The students have claimed that they have been tortured and what not but nothing of that sort ever happened. Rather, there are chats where they have been completely disrespectful towards the teacher (me). 

-Convenor, The Third Act

Further, the professor has informed us that The Third Act page on Instagram is being run by a pass-out student, Nikhil Pandey. The admin was changed a few days ago after the fiasco erupted. Moreover, according to the professor, the letter-head that the students are using is not the correct one. The name ‘The Third Act’ is also not verified by the council yet, though the name was given by the convenor and a few other teachers in 2014-15. Before that, the name was ‘Sarang Natya Samiti.’ Back then, as claimed, the professors were new appointees and were not aware that the name must be verified by the council. Now the students are using a letter-head that is not verified by the college and it also consists of a contact of a student who is not even in the society.

The third-years are also claiming that they are being suspended from the college and they would be barred from sitting for the exams. However, as the convenor claimed, they have been suspended from the society only and nothing else.

According to the convenor, the cybercrime that the third years are claiming is not from the professor’s tenure. All of this came to light only after the students were suspended. When the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) came to the convenor, it was signed by the students. The professor explained to them then that whatever they are doing might result in criminal offences and in the future, they should not indulge in anything of this sort.

As claimed by the convenor, the students tried to physically assault a second-year student. The convenor was an eye-witness, along with other two teachers. After the incident, they lodged a formal complaint.

I decided to suspend the students, which is my constitutional right as the students went against the disciplinary rules. Also, this suspension does not jeopardize their career, they have been simply suspended from the society. 

-Convenor, The Third Act

The professor went on to explain about the Rs. 8000 that has been taken from the college. He said that if the amount belongs to the college, even if any crime has taken place, it must be returned to the college. It is a government fund and it needs to be returned, no matter what.

The professor also claimed that irregularities in the bills have been found. The society went on to get clearance for a bill in Bihar in the accounts section without the prior knowledge of the convenor. They also went on for a competition in Chandigarh without informing the teachers. Moreover, claims of bills of November 2022 have been manipulated and are being shown in 2023. The convenor also claimed that there was a bill of Rs.7385 (approx.) of Muzaffarpur which is apparently a fraud. The bill is of a shop that belongs to one of the students. According to him, the advance bill settlement application is dated 23 March 2023 and 24 March 2023 but the bill submitted by the students is also dated 23 March 2023, which made the authorities raise an eyebrow. He also said that the students had gotten money sanctioned for the costumes and since those costumes belong to the college, they are supposed to be in the college to which negligence was shown.

Given the situation that the students were going to go in five days and I thought of doing something that would not be harmful for the students so I defunct the entire society. I did not even bother about the bills and finances initially but when they start misbehaving, I asked for the bills and then the irregularities in finances were realized.

-Convenor, the Third Act

Moreover, according to him the students issued MOU with the president’s signature, that too a scanned copy which is wrong and is supposed to be signed only by higher authorities. All in all, he claimed that the irregularities in the funds of the society made by the students are being highlighted because of their own actions. The college called the senior members on 4 May 2023 for clarifications on the matter. However, according to the convenor, the students did not come. Professor informed us that the students would be sent another notice in regard to the same.

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The third-year members of The Third Act have accused their society convenor of displaying atrocious behaviour. However, the other students of the college deny the allegations and claim the accusations to be false. Read ahead to find out more.

The third-year students of dramatics society of Satyawati College, The Third Act, have alleged that they have been facing an “atrocious behaviour” for the past couple of months. They have claimed that their convenor has been bullying them and the professor’s behaviour has gotten intolerable. The students have reported that they have been accused of financial frauds and have been threatened to be sent to jail. The students have further added that their convenor has asserted to shut the society as he wants everything to run according to him. Further, it has been claimed that a threat to fail the said students in their respective internals has been given by the convenor of the society. The students have reported that the reason behind the failure to organise their annual fest, “Pravaaz,” was because the convenor did not sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). He was not present during the proposed dates and denied to take any responsibility for it, and did not assign any other teacher in-charge. It has been asserted that the convenor has been verbally abusing the students and has threatened to send letters to the parents of the students due to the behaviour displayed by them. However, the latter has rejected such an assertion against them. The third-year students have informed that the convenor has not held any formal meeting and whenever the former went for the same, they were always asked to sit in the Staff Room Lawns where rather than discussing important matters, they wasted 4-5 hours listening to their convenor’s personal stories.

The students have alleged that any decision in the college must pass through the Principal and the AO. However, the students have been suspended from their society at their convenor’s discretion and the latter can run the society as he wishes to while taking the juniors along with him for the same.

The third-year students have lodged a formal complaint against their convenor with the principal. However, they have been dismissed. Further, on knowing about the complaint, the third-year students asserted that the convenor called for a meeting with the second-year students and pressurised the first-year students for the same. It is alleged that the convenor had asked the first-year students to take back their signatures and pin everything on the third-year students. Moreover, the third years have claimed that their convenor made the second-year students sit with the first-year students to keep a check if the latter were recording him threatening them. The third-year students have put out a post on their Instagram handle calling out the entire incident and asking for help.

We seek only one thing and that is the removal of Dr. Pandey as our convenor. We will take legal action if college authorities don’t help us. We have been suspended without any reason and he is threatening our Juniors that he will debar us from college. He has threatened us that he will send letters to our parents. He is blaming us for financial fraud as well.” -Third year Students of The Third Act in conversation with DU Beat

While talking to other students from the college, they revealed that the third-year students wanted to organise an unofficial farewell at a farm house and it was decided that every member would be contributing some amount for the same. However, the amount that the members raised was not enough to cover the entire expense so the third-year students decided to take the remaining amount out of the society fund without the knowledge of anyone. They roped in a second-year student and tried convincing them to take the amount out but the student went on to talk to their batchmates first where the latter rejected the proposed idea.

The society fund is for the betterment of the college, to purchase lights and equipment, not for wasting it on a single night partying. If one wants to celebrate and party then they should be doing it with their own money.” – Student of Satyawati College

According to the student, things started getting escalated from this point. The annual fest that was supposed to take place got cancelled by the principal. The reason for cancellation was that none of the MoUs were signed by either the principal or the convenor. It carried just the president’s signature. The third-year members of the society asserted that they were given only a week’s time to prepare for everything since on the initial date the convenor was not available and did not assign any other teacher in-charge. However, the fest finally got cancelled again and according to the students, though they were dismissed on the grounds of MoUs not being signed by the concerned authorities and the failure to conduct any formal meeting, the former was not aware about this entire procedure.

The students from Satyawati College also reported that when bills had to be cleared in the accounts department, it was revealed that they were from Muzaffarpur, Bihar reportedly and were amounting to up to Rs. 7000 for coats, shirts, and pants. However, the students informed us that they wore their own clothes and the bills attached were false.

According to the bill, the blazer was of Rs.3500, the shirt costed around Rs.2000, and all of the items amounted to Rs. 7000. There was another bill for the tent that amounted to Rs.15000. The students had attached false bills. When all of this was questioned, the third-year students went into frenzy.” – Student of Satyawati College

Further, reportedly, there is a third-year student in the society who has Rs. 8000 from the society fund with them. On asking for the amount back, the student informed that a cyber-crime has taken place with them and hence was able to return only Rs.600 out of the Rs.8000 they had.

According to the students of the college, the third-year students have changed the login details of their E-mail and Instagram handle. They have started posting things on their own and are now falsely accusing the convenor.

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