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Having been a part of the production crew in a theatre society from the past year and a half, many have raised eyebrows and questioned my role in the society. Considering similar plight of the production crew in associated performing societies, it is crucial to laud their hard-work and diligence once in a while.

The notion that production members are replaceable in a performing society is highly questionable and outright false. The success of any performing society is directly proportional to the talent and hard work it constitutes. Any normal person would categorise that success to the ones directly under the limelight, and tend to overlook the scores of people that are involved behind the curtains to make the act a success.

Many performing societies have a team of individuals working dedicatedly without acknowledgement. In a fashion society, the success of the models on ramp is heavily dependent on the designers and makeup artists who work as back-team to put up a successful show. Music tracks are selected and played by them, the choreography decided, and they also oversee sponsorship to ensure continuity of funds.

Similarly, theatre is performed collectively. The actors hog the limelight and the production members not always given equal importance, simply because they don’t appear on-stage. From managing prop and set designing, tweaking each line of the script to fit perfectly with the rest, arranging for props and setting up the stage under a time crunch, to ensuring perfect timing of sounds and impeccable lighting in each scene- these are just a few obvious tasks a production member in a theatre society performs. In a street-play society, there are percussionists and scriptwriters, working tirelessly as well to put up a thrilling production. Oftentimes, the same people are engaged in costume designing and makeup of the actors going on stage, and it’s an understatement to say the very least that they are pivotal to the play’s success alongside the actors’ talent.

In a music society too, apart from professionals hired from outside, there are individuals working on the sidelines, if not completely backstage. These people coordinate with the college staff to ensure the perfect reverb or bass in mikes and also play instruments. There is also the conductor, who manages the ensemble and directs them towards showcasing a mesmerising performance.

Production work is not meant to be seen, but it can certainly be acknowledged by the audience enjoying the act. The next time you see a perfect set with impeccable lighting and a literal spotlight on the actor’s face, don’t forget to acknowledge the efforts of the crew whose time and work went into ensuring the scene is perfectly done.


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Vijeata Balani
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Delhi University’s fest season witnesses several societies competing for the top spot at various cultural events, out-performing their rivals and sometimes bettering their previous standards and performances. In the stage theatre category, the theatre society at Ramjas College, Shunya, was ranked best for their play ‘Deluxe Hair Cutting Salon.’

The Winning Society at a glance

Shunya, Ramjas College


‘Deluxe Hair Cutting Salon,’ a play written by Sandeep Shikhar, revolves around the eponymous salon, which is located beside a mechanic’s workspace and a pathological laboratory. The world created within the space of the salon and its neighbours seeks to explore the quick manner in which people are likely to find faults with another’s character, often forgetting those in their own. The significance of introspection is a pertinent question that the play addresses. The play also brings out the polarity of characteristics present in individuals-a facet of human nature that must be recognised and acknowledged.

On the reason behind their success this year, Shubham Vaish, actor, said, “The entire production worked like a well-oiled machine. A well thought out strategy of work, utmost dedication by all actors in terms of being sincere to their respective roles, and coordinated efforts between both directors in managing time, people and resources is what made ‘Deluxe Hair Cutting Salon’ a fairly successful play in the DU theatre circuit.””A common reception that we saw for the play, was the appreciation for the acting,” he adds. “Every actor, excluding two, played two characters each. Some of these characters had a wide age gap between them, which was a challenge for the actor to switch between the roles. But the portrayal was appreciated by the audience. “A million people often means two million faces, and this is what the play embodies,” he concludes.








Cast and Crew

Shobhit Bhatia as Bachan
Jayant Chand as Binay Da and Bablu Pandey
Soumik Roy as Das Babu and Pancha Babu
Shubham Vaish as Sanjay and Raju
Kumar Abhimanyu as Bapi and Salesman
Kritarth Sethi as Dilip
Deepak Singh as Customer

Directed by : Shobhit Bhatia and Dewang Mulani

Sound Design and Execution by : Shrishti Chakraborty

Lights Design and Execution by : Dewang Mulani

Production Team : Aishwarya Sharma, Salonee Sharma, Deepak Singh, Disha Sukhija

Winners Tally: Shunya, Ramjas College

‘Deluxe Hair Cutting Salon’ was staged at 13 different venues this year at competitive and non-competitive events, including India Habitat Centre and Shri Ram Centre, besides the fests at various Delhi University colleges.

The play was adjudged the best play at Daulat Ram College and at Gargi College’s Reverie. The play has also secured various other accolades for best direction (at Hans Raj College, Daulat Ram College and Gargi College), best ensemble cast at Gargi College, and best actor and best production team at St. Stephen’s College.


Abhinaya Harigovind

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