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Sri Aurobindo College


After jamming regularly in empty class rooms and missing classes, they went to their first inter – college fest at Jesus and Mary College where they won the 2nd prize in duet singing. This gave them confidence and since then, they’ve bagged positions in various solo, duet, trio singing competitions held at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Kamala Nehru College, SSCBS, JDMC and NIFT. On being asked about their influences, Vaibhav Singh, the Society President, cited that there are a vast number of artists, whom they follow. They started covering Boy Bands and then they progressed to Blues, Jazz and Country. He also mentioned Ed Sheeran, Zac Brown Band and Rascal Flatts as being a few of their major influences. When asked about their immediate prospects, he replied,” Firstly we would like to organize a western music fest in the college campus and would like registrations from major societies from various eminent colleges. Secondly, we would really like to uplift the name of our college.” He also mentioned that they want to be a well recognized society in DU. DU Beat wishes Allegro success for future endeavors! ]]>

On the 23rd of November, members of the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) were barred from entering the Aurobindo College campus by the police, and allegedly on order of the College principal. The clashes were just short of being classified as violent, with police manhandling and rowdy conduct by temporary teachers towards DUTA officials, which the latter claims was ordered by the principal.

The primary reason was these clashes is said to be the problematic appointment of the Vice Principal of the college, whose appointment was made without interviews, and in disrespect of the ‘’norms of seniority among Associate Professors of the college’’, according to the DUTA press release dated 6th December 2013. The DUTA claims that despite the reassurances they received from the college, the Governing Body appointed a teacher as Vice Principal without holding any interviews.

For the DUTA, this violation of norms (that of the appointment of VP taking place by rotation according to seniority) does not only disregard a long standing convention, but is also unfair to incumbent Vice Principal Dr. Meenakshi Gupta, who was removed mid way through her term.

No information has been received from the side of the college administration, but these clashes are only yet another sign of the Vice Chancellor’s administration being almost always at odds with students and teachers organizations across the university.