Soch Theatre group


On January 27th, the Green Society of Jesus and Mary College in collaboration with the Soch Theatre group organised a street play based on the theme of ‘Swachh Bharat‘. Soch Theatre group works on stage plays and theatre workshops to spread social messages across India. It was their first ever collaboration with a DU college.

With around fifteen artists, the play focused on spreading awareness about our responsibilities towards cleanliness as citizens. Enacting various cases, ranging from the ill-effects of littering the surroundings to the Indian mindset of dealing with environmental issues, the play portrayed the message of ‘Clean Earth, Green Earth’.  It also described how the whole society bears the cost, because of the negligence of its members.

Quoting the example of deterioration of river Ganga, the play emphasised on keeping the river and surroundings clean for the benefit of the future generations. It said that this responsibility is just not of NGOs and the Government, but also of every individual.

When asked about his experience in collaborating with a DU college for the first time, Rajiv Kohli, Founder of Soch Theatre group, said, “It was an amazing experience to present a play in this college. I’m happy with the response and would definitely look forward to organising more such plays on various issues in different DU colleges.”

With the main aim being connecting with today’s youth, he said that Soch Theatre group has received participation from various DU students. It has previously organised plays based on Education, Organ donation, Road safety, Women’s issues etc.

Shreya, a first year student of Jesus and Mary College said, “The play made us realise the small yet important aspects of environmental awareness that we usually tend to ignore”. The Vice President of Green Society also expressed that such endeavors to spread awareness for a Clean and Green Earth would be continued in future as well.