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College is not just an educational institution but a foundation that prepares students to survive efficiently in their life ahead. Unlike school, college-going youth has a comparatively lesser workload with respect to studies, leaving them with greater time for themselves. Keeping the same in mind this article lists some of the effective ways to utilise these crucial hours, involvement in which will not only help in giving a boost to the resume but will also be of benefit for the overall personality development.

1. Internships – In today’s world where the number of people for employment becomes two-fold every year, there is a constant increase in the competition for getting jobs. In such a situation the companies of repute with so many people contesting for the same position grants it only to the very best and that’s exactly what an experience of a good internship does, it makes you count among those best. Internships not only provide an experience of the professional world but also, play a significant role in increasing the quality of the CV. Some, of the companies apart from the common perks of a certificate or a letter of recommendation (LOR) also provide a monthly stipend and learning classes to their interns. One can easily get an internship through online sites such as Internshala or through the Placement Cells of their colleges.

2. Campus Ambassador Programs – Imagine yourself being a representative of a big company or industry in your college, interesting, right? this is what campus ambassador programs are all about. Often, companies to promote their brand among students assign positions of ambassadors to girls and boys in different colleges whose responsibilities include not only brand promotion but also the management of various company-related affairs. It is of great benefit for students who look at their careers in marketing or management departments, also the youngsters apart from getting a certificate of completion also gets various goodies for engaging in the same.

3. Freelancing – Shortage of pocket money is one of the biggest trouble for collegiate but, what If you can earn money for your own? Yes, you read it right with skills such as content writing, graphic designing, video editing, photography and much more one can work for startups as well as for well-established firms, earning enough to fill one’s pockets. There are a number of online platforms such as freelancers.com and others which provide opportunities for people to render their services to the companies in need and in turn get paid.

4. Blogging – Is writing your guilty pleasure? Are vocabulary games your favourite pass time? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Create a blog now and introduce your hidden talent to fame and love. A blog provides a platform to showcase one’s thoughts, opinions and emotions. Apart from acting as a source of creative pleasure, It is also a benefit for the students who plan their careers in the fields of writing or journalism. Also, guess what? Blogging has even got you covered for your financial needs ones your blog gets eminent enough to appeal to a large audience, often companies pay to display their advertisements on your blog.

5. Online Courses – Most of us due to a variety of variable reasons are unable to get an opportunity to transform our passion into our careers, and then with the passage of time and in a race of becoming the next billionaire, have a stable life and create our name In the society we often forget about the very activity, the very talent which we once called our passion. But, not anymore in today’s world with many websites providing various online courses one can continue with their activity of interest and that too at the most comfortable location of their homes. These websites also provide the doer with a certificate of completion.

So, utilise your college life not only in discovering places and cities but also in discovering the distinctive abilities and strengths, to unfold your deepest treasures of talent which is only possible by the effective usage of your spare time. So, gear up to plan your upcoming days not from today but from now.

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Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (CBS) is a premier undergraduate management college under the aegis of the University of Delhi (DU) offering Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), BBA (Financial Investment Analysis) and B. Sc. (H) Computer Science. The admission in BMS and BBA (FIA) is through a highly competitive Joint Admission Test (DU JAT) followed by rounds of Group Discussion and Personal Interview with an intake ratio of 1:140.

The Placement Season 2017-18 saw the participation of 68 companies making 155 offers and counting. KPMG and Bain Capability Centre were the largest recruiters with 20 and 11 offers respectively. The average package amounted to INR 6.4 LPA while the highest package offered was INR 17 LPA. The season saw 3 companies from the league of the Big 4 namely EY, KPMG and Deloitte. Other reputed names such as The Boston Consulting Group, AT Kearney, DE Shaw, McKinsey Knowledge Centre, Verity, Duff & Phelps, United Airlines and Knight Frank also became a part of the season.

CBS has yet again seen a multitude of prestigious companies expressing their faith in the students this year, that helped us in achieving a placement ratio of more than 83%, which is amongst the highest in the Delhi University. Companies from more than 15 different sectors offered a diverse mix of profiles that included business analyst, strategic consulting associate, marketing executive, equity and other research-oriented positions.

In addition to this, the Placement Cell also conducted an internship season to help students acquire internships and gain the necessary experience and skills. The college saw participation of companies such as SBI, Knight Frank, CBRE, Jasper Collins and Willis Towers Watson for recruitment of interns. Industry Training workshops were conducted in association with various organizations as part of Training & Development activities of the Placement Cell.

We, at CBS, aim to strengthen corporate relations of the college with the companies. We successfully organized the zonal round of KPMG International Case Competition 2017 in the college premises which saw participation from various colleges. The team from CBS won the north zone regional championship and was the only undergraduate team to participate in the Nationals.

Here is what recruiters had to say about the placement process:

DE Shaw: “We conducted an off campus hiring event and the placement team CBS was very professional and I expect the new team to maintain the high standards!” “I have interacted extensively with the students during the interviews and I have a high opinion of them. They were knowledgeable about the firm and the role and their demeanor was commendable. I believe this has a lot to do with the stringent admissions process along with the faculty and the senior students passing on their experience with the new batches.”

Bain Capability Centre: “The placement process was very smooth. It was easy to coordinate with the college as they accommodated our calendar and were flexible regarding the dates. Further, they were very hospitable during the PPT and Case Study Workshop.”

If you wish to hire from CBS and be a part of our Placement Season 2018-19, write to us at [email protected] or https://www.facebook.com/cdcsscbs/

The placement season this session at the University of Delhi touched new heights in terms of the number of companies involved and the number of students securing placements. Because of the initiatives of the various placement cells, this year witnessed a rise in the average pay packages offered.
The highest placement offer this year of Rs. 31 lakhs per annum (LPA) was bagged by a student of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), offered by the consultancy giant Parthenon-EY. This placement marked an exponential improvement for the Placement Cell of SRCC as their highest placement for the last academic session 2016-17 was Rs. 30 LPA. Kirori Mal College and Shaheed Bhagat Singh College both witnessed their highest placement offer at Rs. 19 LPA. The highest offer in St. Stephen’s College was Rs. 19-20 LPA in terms of cost to company (CTC) by the Boston Consulting Group. Hansraj College observed a boost as well since their highest offer increased from last year’s figures of Rs. 16 lakhs per annum to Rs. 17.5 LPA this year.

The average pay packages this year start off at Rs. 3.9 LPA at Daulat Ram College. Kirori Mal College, where over 90 students were placed, and Sri Venkateswara College, where the current number students placed is 146 (subject to increase), both received average salary packages of Rs. 4.1 lakhs. Shaheed Bhagat Singh College observed an increase to an average of Rs. 4 lakhs per annum from the previous year’s Rs. 3.2 lakhs, out of the 170 students placed. Hansraj College yet again managed to increase their average package amount from Rs. 5.02 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs. SRCC also observed an average salary package of Rs. 6 LPA this year.

St. Stephen’s College, Hansraj College, and Sri Venkateswara College witnessed 85+ companies visiting their campus for placements this season.

Notable names like KPMG (India), KPMG (Global), Hindustan Times, Inshorts, Decathlon, Bain and Company, Barnes & Noble Loudcloud, Zycus Infotech, Fidelity Information Services (FIS), Accenture, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, and TATA Power, recruited the most number of students. First time recruiters like Hindustan Times, Inshorts, Byjus, and Saavn, among others, were also involved this placement season.

The most popular job profile remains Audit Associate or Analyst for commerce students. However, this year noticed a trend of inclusivity of companies branching out to the humanities and science streams as well. There were a plethora of job opportunities for science and humanities students. Companies like NIIT, IdInsight, FRR Forex, StartupEd, Decathlon, Bain & Company, Dell, Teach for India and Urbanclap, recruited from all courses. The profiles offered for humanities and science students ranged from business development, research, marketing, content writing, human resources, etc.

Communication skills, practical knowledge, achievements in academics and extracurricular activities, analytical skills, quick and out of the box thinking, strong logical and reasoning abilities, and academic proficiency are some qualities that hiring companies look for in a student.

(All information is based on the data received from participating colleges in a DU Beat survey)


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Hansraj College, on 28th September, launched its very own chapter of ‘Cognizance’, a consultancy and knowledge-based society with branches in several colleges across the country. Cognizance Hansraj, established under the Placement Cell of the college, aims to provide an exposure into consultancy at a basic level by collaborating with industry experts for live-projects, knowledge building sessions, and the much-needed research acumen that a lot of students yearn for and aim to acquire during their college life. Owing to the severe lack of practical application of theoretical concepts in the Indian education system, a majority of students face extreme difficulty and pressure while applying for jobs as well as clearing entrance exams for higher education. This is where this society steps in and provides first-hand practical knowledge by ‘Putting Theory into Practice’, its ultimate motto.

Having just set out to explore the consultancy world, the society plans to invite various faculty members to come and work with them, thus providing the members an opportunity to indulge into highly interactive and informative sessions with various professors. Also, instead of normal update meetings, the society will keep rigorous brainstorming sessions wherein various plans of action brought in by different members of the society shall be discussed and the ones suited best for the current projects shall then be chosen and implemented. As more and more event organisation and management based societies come into being, Cognizance Hans Raj works upon the overall development and skill enhancement of its members, thereby making them more competent in solving real life problems.

Recently, a student from Lady Shri Ram College for Women bagged an offer of 1.4 lakhs by an American bank for a two-month internship. Likewise, another LSR student was offered 1 lakh for a two-month internship at Ernst and Young.

During the year 2015-16, a total of 279 internships were offered to the students, out of which 97 were paid ones. A total of 79 companies offered internships and recruited interns. In the previous year, LSR had secured a large number of placements among Delhi University colleges, consisting of offers from various startups and reputed firms. Dr. Kanika K. Ahuja, associate professor in the Department of Psychology, LSR, and the convener of the placement, said, “We receive phone calls every day from companies offering internships to our students. Out of an outgoing batch of about 900 students, at least a third of the students have done internships, making it highly attractive for potential recruiters”.

Shaina Ahluwalia, internship coordinator of the placement cell said, “2015-16 had been one of the best years in terms of placements as well as internships. We’ve noted a remarkable rise in the highest paid internship from last year, a rise in department-wise internship recruitments, as well as a qualitative increase of the diverse type of internships our students receive”.

Tanima Nigam, another coordinator added, “I would always hope that we manage to break the internship record by increasing the availability of jobs and encouraging students from diverse backgrounds to believe that the placement cell is capable of finding them what they are looking for”.

During the last session, LSR had witnessed the highest placement offer of 29 lakhs per annum, with a total of 112 students getting placed.

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placement report (2)   The Corporate Relations & Placements team at FMS suggests certain pointers to placement cells at undergrad colleges:

  1. Leveraging Alumni Base

All the colleges in Delhi University have a very strong alumni base. FMS, with its 61 year old history, has 200+ CXOs in the industry. By having an active Alumni Relations Society, we are able to help the alumni continue to connect with their alma mater, and they in turn, end up hiring from the vast talent pool of the college.
  1. Multiple Touch Points with Companies

Rather than just having companies over for recruitment activities, we involve them more by having Guest Lectures by Senior Professionals, and Workshops and Competitions for the students. This helps the students to get more acquainted with the company, and the company is also able to gauge the talent pool in multiple ways, before making a decision to come down for placements.
  1. Focused Placement Preparation

We have a world class faculty that makes sure that they cover all aspects of academics leading to Placements. Apart from this, we have content societies for every domain (Marketing, Finance, HR, etc.) which are completely student run. Their purpose is two-fold; they act both as an interest group and a preparation medium, focused mostly on essential knowledge for placements. This helps in reinforcing the students’ concepts and hence maximizes the number that a company hires from our campus.   Inputs from the Media Relations Cell and Corporate Relations & Placements, FMS. Abhinaya Harigovind [email protected]]]>