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Part-time Activities For College Students

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College is not just an educational institution but a foundation that prepares students to survive efficiently in their life ahead. Unlike school, college-going youth has a comparatively lesser workload with respect to studies, leaving them with greater time for themselves. Keeping the same in mind this article lists some of the effective ways to utilise these crucial hours, involvement in which will not only help in giving a boost to the resume but will also be of benefit for the overall personality development.

1. Internships – In today’s world where the number of people for employment becomes two-fold every year, there is a constant increase in the competition for getting jobs. In such a situation the companies of repute with so many people contesting for the same position grants it only to the very best and that’s exactly what an experience of a good internship does, it makes you count among those best. Internships not only provide an experience of the professional world but also, play a significant role in increasing the quality of the CV. Some, of the companies apart from the common perks of a certificate or a letter of recommendation (LOR) also provide a monthly stipend and learning classes to their interns. One can easily get an internship through online sites such as Internshala or through the Placement Cells of their colleges.

2. Campus Ambassador Programs – Imagine yourself being a representative of a big company or industry in your college, interesting, right? this is what campus ambassador programs are all about. Often, companies to promote their brand among students assign positions of ambassadors to girls and boys in different colleges whose responsibilities include not only brand promotion but also the management of various company-related affairs. It is of great benefit for students who look at their careers in marketing or management departments, also the youngsters apart from getting a certificate of completion also gets various goodies for engaging in the same.

3. Freelancing – Shortage of pocket money is one of the biggest trouble for collegiate but, what If you can earn money for your own? Yes, you read it right with skills such as content writing, graphic designing, video editing, photography and much more one can work for startups as well as for well-established firms, earning enough to fill one’s pockets. There are a number of online platforms such as freelancers.com and others which provide opportunities for people to render their services to the companies in need and in turn get paid.

4. Blogging – Is writing your guilty pleasure? Are vocabulary games your favourite pass time? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Create a blog now and introduce your hidden talent to fame and love. A blog provides a platform to showcase one’s thoughts, opinions and emotions. Apart from acting as a source of creative pleasure, It is also a benefit for the students who plan their careers in the fields of writing or journalism. Also, guess what? Blogging has even got you covered for your financial needs ones your blog gets eminent enough to appeal to a large audience, often companies pay to display their advertisements on your blog.

5. Online Courses – Most of us due to a variety of variable reasons are unable to get an opportunity to transform our passion into our careers, and then with the passage of time and in a race of becoming the next billionaire, have a stable life and create our name In the society we often forget about the very activity, the very talent which we once called our passion. But, not anymore in today’s world with many websites providing various online courses one can continue with their activity of interest and that too at the most comfortable location of their homes. These websites also provide the doer with a certificate of completion.

So, utilise your college life not only in discovering places and cities but also in discovering the distinctive abilities and strengths, to unfold your deepest treasures of talent which is only possible by the effective usage of your spare time. So, gear up to plan your upcoming days not from today but from now.

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