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FMS placements hit record high; Pointers to Placement Cells in undergrad colleges

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placement report (2)   The Corporate Relations & Placements team at FMS suggests certain pointers to placement cells at undergrad colleges:

  1. Leveraging Alumni Base

All the colleges in Delhi University have a very strong alumni base. FMS, with its 61 year old history, has 200+ CXOs in the industry. By having an active Alumni Relations Society, we are able to help the alumni continue to connect with their alma mater, and they in turn, end up hiring from the vast talent pool of the college.
  1. Multiple Touch Points with Companies

Rather than just having companies over for recruitment activities, we involve them more by having Guest Lectures by Senior Professionals, and Workshops and Competitions for the students. This helps the students to get more acquainted with the company, and the company is also able to gauge the talent pool in multiple ways, before making a decision to come down for placements.
  1. Focused Placement Preparation

We have a world class faculty that makes sure that they cover all aspects of academics leading to Placements. Apart from this, we have content societies for every domain (Marketing, Finance, HR, etc.) which are completely student run. Their purpose is two-fold; they act both as an interest group and a preparation medium, focused mostly on essential knowledge for placements. This helps in reinforcing the students’ concepts and hence maximizes the number that a company hires from our campus.   Inputs from the Media Relations Cell and Corporate Relations & Placements, FMS. Abhinaya Harigovind [email protected]]]>

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