Apart from the regular range of spicy street chaats and traditional comfort-food dishes, Delhiites are never too hesitant (or in fact, full) to try something new, and always welcome delectable varieties with both their eyes and mouths open (even with wallets empty). While Chinese, Thai and Italian may top the list of the most preferred international cuisines for now, it’s not too late for tummies of all foodies to be growling just at the mere thought of soft scrumptious sausages being served with braised cabbage and sweet mustard or a mouth-watering plate of juicy pan fried schnitzels surrounded by crispy potato wedges.

Zu Tisch
Zu Tisch

To make this experience of German cuisine even better, we have the new restaurant Zu Tisch to thank. Nestled in the heart of the capital in the bustling M-Block market of Greater Kailash-1, Zu Tisch is the first one-of-its-kind European Bistro bar and restaurant which serves authentic German cuisine. It was founded by a group of IIT-ians who quit their jobs to open up a restaurant and decided to devote all their time to two things which they loved more than anything else in the world- food and music. It is highly likely that whenever you walk in you’re your friends in the evening, you’ll be welcomed with a live gig. On more than a couple of occasions every week, they have renowned artists performing at the bistro, which not only builds up an exciting and fun venture for all music lovers, but also instantly enhances the whole dining experience altogether.

Apart from its perfectly crafted German menu, impeccable service, rustic vintage charm and beautiful ambience, what also makes this place extremely popular among all students is the fact that it proudly hosts music societies of different colleges every “Thursday Night, Live!” in an acoustic intimate setting. It includes college A Cappella, trio or solo performances with a specific headline act. They not only provide opportunities for college societies to perform in front of a live audience and gain confidence, but also serve as a platform where they can take chances, become spontaneous and different, learn from their mistakes and grow into better artists with each new performance. Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Gargi College, Shri Ram College of Commerce, St. Stephen’s College, IIT Delhi and Sri Venkateswara College’s Western Music Societies are some of its past performers.

Rhea Mahanta of Western Music Society, LSR, tells us, “Playing at the Wine and Music Fest at Zu Tisch was an experience of simply loving what you do. The crowd was so interactive that it felt like a space where we could play around with the boundaries of music and do our own renditions, and people welcomed it! It was a close knit community of souls genuinely wanting to see what we had to share and be a part of that musical exchange.”

Special discount offers for all college students, such as 1+1 pizzas and drinks on all Thursdays, Happy Hours on pizzas, pastas and drinks everyday till 6 p.m., and many other fun deals on food and drinks also make this place too irresistible to be missed by anyone.

They are also further introducing a campus ambassador program called ‘My office desk is a bar station’. Any student who is currently studying/ has graduated from Delhi University’s college can apply. The program allows students to work at a bar and work closely with their college music society based events. They will get free FnB, an opportunity to collaborate with other artists and fixed monetary bonuses every week. To apply, contact 9953469902/ [email protected]. Zu Tisch also requests more and more music societies, bands or musicians to come forward and approach them for gigs.

Image credits: Facebook Page, Zu Tisch

“Where words fail, music speaks”- Hans Christian Andersen 

There are numerous certifications in music that are available in India and certification offered by Trinity College of London is one of them.Trinity College London is an international examination board for Performing Arts and English language since 1877. Every year, it conducts assessments across the world to support artists to equally learn music with defined syllabi for each instrument. The board conducts assessment for varied kind of music such as pop, jazz, classical and rock. There are nine grades for assessment that includes the initial level and goes up to Grade 8.

Certificate exams consist of a mini-recital of pieces, including the option to present own choice repertoire. There is no technical work and no supporting tests. After the graded examinations there are varied programmes/diplomas for musicians who plan to concentrate in their principal instrument.

Why should you take up the Trinity Exam? 

Well, it is a very simple answer. Say for instance you’ve recently started schooling. It is obvious the teacher is going to teach you the letters of the English alphabet. The teacher is definitely not going to jump levels and start your childhood by teaching you Shakespeare or Tennyson. Similarly, in a board like Trinity, as it is not “our” music as such, we get to learn the details from the very beginning with the defined syllabus and it keeps getting deeper and elaborate as one climbs up the grade ladder. Trinity works are strictly scrutinized by a number of regulatory boards worldwide. Additionally, if you plan to join an orchestra or apply to a music school, its always a ready qualification with you.

Support from Guildhall School of Music is a stand out. Due to this, the board appreciates diversity in music learning rather than constricting to the previous syllabus that was more restricted towards Classical approach. Some of the famous music schools in the NCR region that follow this board are – The Delhi School of Music, Theme, GMI and many more. These schools and many more in the NCR region, follow this curriculum and the student enrolled in these schools can choose their preferred board. If an applicant is not a part of these schools, he/she could apply to the Trinity Delhi office and request for an examination slot. Similar to our education system, there are many boards that give the opportunity to apply for certificated or diplomas in India, but one should clearly prioritize his/her direction before opting for any particular board.

Recognising that some candidates wish to take a recital-based assessment, Trinity’s certificate exams are designed to offer an alternative to grade exams by focusing on the performance of a complete mini recital. Specifically, certificate exams allow candidates to:  select from three levels of assessment representing three key stages of musical development — Foundation (equivalent to Grade 3), Intermediate (equivalent to Grade 5) and Advanced (equivalent to Grade 8)  programme their own mini recitals drawn from specially provided repertoire lists and their own repertoire choices  gain additional marks for programme planning, programme notes and presentation skills  receive precise and specific feedback to inform their continued musical development  prepare for Trinity’s recital diplomas, which follow the same format as certificate exams. As well as incorporating these innovative features, Trinity’s certificate exams are delivered by a panel of friendly examiners who are rigorously trained and standardised. This aims to create a positive and personalised experience for all candidates.


Solo certificates are currently available in the following subjects: 

Singing 
Piano 
Electronic keyboard (Foundation and Intermediate levels only) 
Flute 
Clarinet 
Saxophone 
Recorder 
French horn 
Trumpet/Cornet/Flugel horn 
Trombone (Intermediate and Advanced levels only)
Tuba 
Violin 
Viola 
Cello (Intermediate and Advanced levels only) 
Double bass 
Pedal harp 
Non-pedal harp (Intermediate and Advanced levels only) 
Guitar 
Drum kit 

Certificate exams are available for ensembles comprising any combination of instruments and/or voices, including Rock & Pop groups. Information on Rock & Pop group certificates can be found in the Rock & Pop syllabus, available at www.trinityrock.com/syllabus

For more information about application procedure, courses and syllabus, you can go to the following link:


You can also find your registered Trinity Centre with the following link :


Image Courtesy: http://www.trinitycollege.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/discover_banner.jpg 

Sidhant R. Seth
[email protected]

From that blue/black/white/gold dress that might have broken marriages and families over its ambiguous colour, to a certain Saint born to the West and his wife, 2015 has left us ROFLing, face palming and appreciating. In this new series at DU Beat, we bring to you the best and worst of news from the Entertainment world, both from Bollywood and abroad.

1. Music

  • We grooved into 2015 with the Uptown Funk earworm and we’re leaving the year behind wondering why our hotline isn’t blinging anymore. Mid year, Charlie Puth left us teary eyed with See You Again, as Ellie Goulding crooned Love Me Like You Do.
  • Zayn Malik broke a number of hearts when he quit One Direction earlier this year. Rumours of the boy band breaking up have led to a second round of heartbreaks.
Zayn Malik left the boyband One Direction | Source: people.com
  • Sales of Adele‘s third album, 25, soared through the roof, breaking several records, having sold more copies within the first week than any other album. Hello monopolised the position at the top of the charts for four weeks.
Adele in ‘Hello’ music video | Image source: slate.com
  • Well, we’ll soon be saying hello from the other side as, Justin Bieber‘s new album, Purpose, has turned most people into ‘beliebers.’ Deftones frontman, Chino Moreno, coined the term when he admitted to being a fan of the singer. With 17 of the album’s tracks making it to Billboard’s Hot 100 List in a week, Bieber has broken a 51 year record of 14 tracks previously held by The Beatles.
  • You used to call me on my cellphone, late night when you need my love. It’s all right if you are still trying to imitate those moves and failing miserably. No one can do it like Drake can. Except Obama, maybe. The YouTube Channel Barack’s Dubs has been leaving the world in splits with their parody videos of POTUS singing Hotline Bling and matching Drake’s moves.  
Image source: mercurynewsdaily.com

2. Movies

  • Most people spent the year waiting for the force to awaken. And when it did, Star Wars: The Force Awakens broke several box office records. The advanced tickets to the highly anticipated return to that galaxy far far away crossed $6.5 million. The movie is expected to break every box office record as ticket sales may cross the billion mark.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Image Source: theforceawakensblog.com
Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Image Source: theforceawakensblog.com
  • While Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes the cake for 2015, The Peanuts Movie, The Martian, Jurassic World and Furious 7 demand honourable mentions.
  • Indian cinema grew up a little with Angry Indian Goddesses and the furore it created. Similarly, Margarita With a Straw generated all the right kind of buzz. Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo became the highest grossing Bollywood movies for the year, with Baahubali and Dilwale crossing the 100 crore mark as well.
Kalki Koechlin in ‘Margarita With a Straw’ | Source: miaminewtimes.com
  • This year, India also saw its first Broadway-style Disney musical, Beauty and the Beast, being staged.

3. Television

  • At the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards this year, two records were broken: the first by Game of Thrones which won a whopping 12 awards: the most ever won by a single show in a year. The second record was set by Viola Davis of How to Get Away with Murder fame, who became the first black woman to win an Emmy Award for best leading actress. Don Draper will be missed as Mad Men came to a close this year with Season 7.
Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy Award in a leading actress category | Source: wordpress.com
  • The year ends with a bang, but not so much for poor Steve Harvey. The American TV host and comedian has been the butt of jokes and memes on the internet ever since he announced the wrong winner at the Miss.Universe pageant, creating quite some embarrassment for all concerned. What’s more the internet had him wishing us a Happy Easter instead of a Merry Christmas on the 25th!

Abhinaya Harigovind
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The human mind tends to associate certain sounds with certain emotions. While visiting a shopping mall or dining at a restaurant, I would often listen to a few selection of songs that would play in the locales, especially during the time of Christmas. I still cherish these songs and associate them with this festive celebration. I am sure some of you would relate to these songs too-

1.) Wham/ George Michael – Last Christmas

George Michael and Wham are still probably on playlists of people who like 80s music. Apart from being a chartbuster track, you won’t find a single mall not playing this in Christmas week. It is a romantic song but you will learn to associate it with Christmas.

2.) Mariah Carey – All I Want For You Is Christmas

A classic by one of the most soulful singers of all time, Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you is very upbeat and melodic and can get you going. It’s another chartbuster.

3.) Andy Williams – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

A classic song that has seen many renditions throughout the decades.  The song features in an array of movies and can be heard in shopping malls and restaurants.

4.) Michael Buble – Christmas

A modern rendition of the traditional gospel carol by Michael Buble, this song has been the most played version all across the world. It is another groove-y track that can make you dance.



5.) Kenny G – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Probably the most respectable instrumental version of this song. It follows a contemporary jazz feel which can make you flutter on the waltz. Kenny G is a saxophone player who has received many distinguished awards for his music.


These songs remind me of Christmas, and I hear them being played all around during the Christmas time. I hope some of these strike an accord with you guys too.

Image Credits: http://www.gatherandfeast.com/


Exam season has started and the preparation for the oh-so-dreaded exams is more or less about to begin. (If you’ve already begun with it, I’m going to go ahead and call you a traitor!) Now, amid this mind-numbing preparation period, everyone takes breaks to rejuvenate themselves. And, if you are one of those who turn to music to do the deed, here’s a list of five rock bands that you must try to revamp both, your mood and your playlist!

1. Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is an American rock band formed in 2001. If you imagined rock bands just to be a couple of people, head-banging on ear-piercing music with incomprehensible lyrics, holding bulky guitars, this band may change your perception. The title of their song ‘Where did the party go?’ seems to perfectly reflect the thought of every student swamped with internals and assignments at the moment and may as well turn out to be an interesting listen. Also, their top tracks like light ‘em up, alone together, Uma Thurman and Centuries should not be missed.

Fall out boy
Image credits: http://assets.noisey.com/


2. Imagine dragons

You may have heard about them through their much acclaimed single “Demons” and the powerful video that accompanied it. Many put this band in the alternative rock genre but they once said in an interview that, “We don’t want to be a cliché band. We don’t want to restrict ourselves to one genre. We don’t want people to remember us from the genre. We want to let people call our songs as Imagine Dragons’ type songs. So in pursuit of that, we push the boundaries of every genre and try to mix them.” Amazing lyrics, great music, inspiring music videos, this band will provide you with all.

Imagine dragons
Image credits: http://www.billboard.com/


 3. Panic! at the Disco (P!ATD)

 This is an American rock band from Las Vegas, formed in 2004. They’re fresh and have a modern appeal. Their songs are so catchy; you’ll end up humming them for weeks. Few of their tracks that you can try are Ballad of Mona Lisa, New perspective and This is Gospel (both the original and acoustic version)

Image credits: http://images2.fanpop.com/


 4. Arctic Monkeys

Along with a unique name, this band is famous for their quirky music with lyrics that’ll connect with you in a second. They’re also pretty famous for their ever-so-hot lead vocalist Alex Turner whose voice contains the perfect amount of snotty English accent, which becomes all the more tempting when lazily delivered. Their fifth album ‘AM’ is absolutely the most incredible album of their career comprising of tracks with fascinating titles such as ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re high?’ And ‘Snap out of it’.

arctic monkeys
Image credits: http://40.media.tumblr.com/


 5. The Fray

The Fray is an American pop-rock band from Denver, Colorado, formed in 2002. Their songs are ideal for when you’re sitting alone in a peaceful room at night, looking to go on a ride of self-reflection and intense emotions. Their most famous tracks are How to save a life, You found me, Look after you.

The Fray
Image credits : http://www.billboard.com/



Nishita Agarwal

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I remember coming across this video on Facebook called ‘look up’. This video had about 7 million views on YouTube and I had expected a lot more from it. “Look up from your phone”, said the narrator while I asked myself, “Should I be barbaric then?” I knew he was honest in his disposition, but shouldn’t we move ahead as technology upgrades itself? Yes, we should!

Every time I enter the metro, I am reminded of how the world is a bigger hypocrite than anything else. I hear the voice saying, ‘Please do not play music in the train’, so I put earphones in my ears, but when I am crossing the street, they shout, “Do not wear your earphones.” What should I do then? I chose the former. I enjoy wearing earphones and letting the music flow through my mind. Here are 5 reasons why these earphones are so precious to me –

Music – A break from the ‘noise’

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,’ and so I choose to get rid of the ‘noise’ I hear outside by trading it for jolly chimes. The cars, the shouting, the repugnant distraction from trance, all can be escaped from, with a simple insertion of two buds into one’s ears. You can listen to your favorite songs, you can memorize the lyrics and you can get rid of anyone or anything stopping you from that happy solitude.

A break from ‘Judgement’

Imagine yourself, travelling in clothes that are ‘unacceptable’ by ‘laymen’ or imagine yourself banging your head, while listening to a bit of heavy metal. The only noble thing this world will do is judge you. And you can escape those gouging eyes, and those ill wishes, by listening to louder music, but through your earphones.

An incentive to ‘Imagine’

I will not shy away from the fact that I am awkward, but I do imagine my self on the stage holding the guitar and playing sick riffs followed by breakdowns on Bring me the Horizon songs, when I am listening to them. Do not tell me you don’t! You do! You might even imagine yourself instead of Ronan Keating singing, ‘”You say it best, when you say nothing at all” to your girlfriend/boyfriend. The point is, if you are in the groove, you will imagine yourself singing those lyrics and playing that music instead of the original people. And a little imagination never harmed anyone, did it?

An incentive to hear better

Have you ever tried talking to people on your phone at Sadar Bazaar or Rajiv Chowk? I have and its painful. Its painful to shout your lungs out so that the other person can hear you. It is also equally traumatic to hear what the person has to say on the other end of the line. An earphone makes your life easy. It helps you decrease or increase the volume as per your wish.

An incentive to better productivity

As cocky as that might sound earphones do as ordered and it is the truth. Earphones do help you psychologically. They do what you want them to do. They play songs you wish them to play for you. They adjust their volume as per your wish. You are hence in complete charge of them. They fill up your brain with natural nicotine to help you function better; to help you concentrate more. It is all according to your will. Something that functions well, is bound to make you more productive.

Earphones are good for many other things.Sometimes, they reduce the chances of people stealing your phone from your pocket or they can help you escape the blabbering of your better half. Anyway, in this age earphones are desperately needed, at least by me. So what about you?


Image credits: josueperez79.deviantart.com

Ishaan Sengupta

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Every few months there comes along a new artist who’s touted as the ‘Next Big Thing in Music’. Ashley Frangipane, better known by her stage name Halsey, is that and much more. When you listen to the young New Jersey-born musician, you can hear the grandiose statements it’s trying to make while still remaining incredibly personal.

With her debut album ‘Badlands’ out this week, here’s three reasons why she should be your favourite already:


  1. Her musicianship:

The young 20 year old isn’t just masterful at writing heart-wrenching lyrics but also binds it up in haunting, subtle melodies around concepts that will make you change your perspective. Calling her a provocateur won’t be unfair since she proclaims herself as one. From the lyrics of her breakout single “Ghost” (I like the sad eyes, bad guys/ Mouth full of white lies/ Kiss me in the corridor/ But quick to tell me goodbye) to the less melodious, more conceptual sound of her latest release “Drive”, everything this aqua-haired woman does is bound to make people look up and pay attention. Billboard describes the vibe of her music as combining, “.. the synthy darkness of Lorde, the neon-pop chutzpah of Miley Cyrus and the flickering film noir of Lana Del Rey.”

  1. Her fearlessness:

It takes guts to be a beginner in a cut-throat industry and proclaim yourself as ‘inconvenient’, but Halsey is abrasively real, if not anything else. She isn’t everyone’s dream version of the popstars we’re accustomed to- the much-adored, clean, easy to market over-the-top celebrities that media laps up nowadays. Halsey’s past has been shrouded with drug abuse and severe issues with her mental health, something she isn’t afraid to speak out about. She recently took on the New York Times for what she called a blatant misquote in her interview about “identifying as a tri-bi” (bisexual, biracial, suffering from Bipolar Disorder). The singer says that’s who she is, not something she ‘identifies’ as. It’s a strong statement to make against a giant publication, but not something she’s unused to.


  1. Her debut album:

Badlands, that released on August 28, is one of those records that send you exactly to the mind-space it was meant to. Written as a concept record, ‘Badlands’, is a collective name of a fictional dystopian setting inspired by mega cities like Las Vegas and Tokyo- the hub of life but also power-structures and hedonism. If that doesn’t make you curious, the few songs already released as singles from the album- “Ghost”, “Hold Me Down”, “Drive” and “New Americana” should.


Image Credits: Billboard.com



We’re midway through 2015 and it has proven to be a pretty good year for music with artists like Muse, Fall Out Boy and Kendrick Lamar releasing some great albums. We bring you the 5 albums we’re looking forward to in the second half of 2015:

1. Owl City- “Mobile Orchestra”

The electro-synthy-pop sounds of Vanilla Twilight and Fireflies made Adam Young’s musical project ‘Owl City’ a feature in most of the playlists around the world, though he had always enjoyed a popular presence on social media since he started posting songs online in 2007. ‘Mobile Orchestra’, his fifth studio album after a bunch of singles and EP releases, is set for release on July 10. The album will mostly remain true to the ear-pleasing electronica sounds that Owl City is known for but who’s to say that’s a bad thing?!

Image Credits- www.owlcitymusic.com
Image Credits- www.owlcitymusic.com


2. Halsey- “Badlands”

Ashley Frangipane, or Halsey, as she’s known by her stage name, is out earning plaudits as a powerful live performer and for her edgy, confessional lyrics. In the span of a year, she has been signed by a major record label, went on a tour with “The Kooks” and is now out again on tour with “Imagine Dragons”, promoting her album as she goes. Halsey proclaims herself to not be a particularly gifted vocalist but all of that takes a backseat when you are enveloped in the experience of her songs- they’re hauntingly beautiful with thoughtful lyrics and an entire concept around them. The same is expected out of ‘Badlands’, which the singer herself has described as “an angry, female pop record”.

Image Credits- wikimedia.com
Image Credits- wikimedia.com
3. Lana Del Rey- “Honeymoon”

She crept up on the music scene and made her way to the top before anyone could really figure out what was up. Ever since “Video Games”, Lana Del Rey- born Elizabeth Grant- has been a much-talked- about feature of the industry. From being praised for her melancholy songs, labelled an anti-feminist for the characters in her music and to serving up two huge albums- she has been there, done that. After being featured on ‘The Great Gatsby’s soundtrack with “Young and Beautiful” and 2014’s “Ultraviolence”, Lana is set to stir up another musical storm with her next album due later this year. Titled “Honeymoon”, it’s bound to be an interesting affair even if not anything else.

Image Credits- noiseporn.com
Image Credits- noiseporn.com
4. Ariana Grande- “Moonlight”

Although her sophomore album “My Everything”- which spawned five hit singles- released just about a year ago, Ariana Grande is ready to serve up more music and might release an album in the later half of this year. The pop-princess who’s been reigning the charts and drawing comparisons to Mariah Carey for her soaring vocals has been dropping hints about her upcoming release, titled “Moonlight” on social media platforms. She even dropped a 9 second teaser of a new song that seemed to have captured people’s attention for sounding like a dance tune. Although a 2015 release hasn’t been confirmed with a date, it’s safe to say that the songstress will drop at least a few singles even if not the whole album before we’ve seen the end of this year.

Image Credits- musictimes.com
Image Credits- musictimes.com
5. Kanye West- “SWISH”

Kanye West, forever embroiled in some controversy or another, is as strange a musician as he is a person. He is as critically acclaimed as a musician as he is often despised for his antics. 2014 was the only year after 2009 that Kanye West didn’t release any new albums- collaborations or solo. It’s only fair for there to be a lot of expectations of his possible 2015 release titled “SWISH”. This will also be his first album post his wildly-publicised wedding to Kim Kardashian the birth of his daughter North West, and it will be interesting to note the changes, if any, towards his approach to the album.

Image Credits- projectcasting.com
Image Credits- projectcasting.com

Shubham Kaushik
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If you’re anything like a lot of people I know, you probably need music in your life like a good movie needs a soundtrack. Whether it’s to cut out the crowd around you in the Metro, or to give you company during work-outs or even just to sit and think, music makes for excellent company. The hunt for good new music is often overshadowed by the same Top 40 hits splashed everywhere, with only a few popular artists getting any attention.

The upcoming summer is the perfect opportunity to sift through some of the lesser known artists which will make you wonder why they aren’t more popular and why you didn’t tune in earlier. Here are our top 5 picks:

1. twenty øne piløts

twenty øne piløts for their new album 'Blurryface' Image Credits: warnermusic.de
twenty øne piløts for their new album ‘Blurryface’
Image Credits: warnermusic.de

This duo based in Ohio have got a cult following of sorts, with their fans called ‘The Skeleton Clique’, but are yet to be noticed by the mainstream media. Formed in 2009, the band consists of Tyler Joseph, who is the lyricist, lead singer and also plays the piano and ukulele, and Josh Dun, who takes the role of the drummer/percussionist. Their music is hard to define, going everywhere from hip-hop to raggae to alternative rock and Tyler Joseph switching between singing soulfully to rapping in a style that’s comparable to Eminem, only with no swear words and the lyrics a lot more poignant.

Their first album post their major-label signing, called ‘Vessel’, was an indie hit and has the most interesting bunch of songs that I’ve had the chance to hear in a while. With lyrics sure to get you thinking and Dun’s excellent drumming keeping time, twenty øne piløts are probably one of the most intriguing musical acts out there right now and their new album, ‘Blurryface’, released early last week, is out earning plaudits.

Start with: ‘Ode To Sleep’ (Vessel), ‘Stressed Out’ (Blurryface)

2. Halsey

Ashley 'Halsey' Frangipane Image Credits: billboard.tumblr.com
Ashley ‘Halsey’ Frangipane
Image Credits: billboard.tumblr.com

Ashley Frangipane, known by her stage name which is an anagram of her first name, is one of the most promising female voices to have hit the music scene in recent times. Halsey is known for being an excellent live performer and her Lana Del Ray-esque vibe. Her EP ‘Room 93’ has four songs which feature her hauntingly beautiful vocals and strong,empowering lyrics. She also has a very strong following on social media, owing to her strong views for feminism and body-positivity.

Her first full length album, called ‘Badlands’ will be out in August 2015 and has been described by her as an ‘angry feminist record’ which will feature songs that she has been performing live on tours and festivals. Give her a listen if you’re a little tired of sugary-sweet pop voices singing about the same old issues and are willing to try something that will challenge your musical pallete.

Start with: ‘Hurricane’, ‘Ghost’ (Room 93)


PVRIS Image Credits: stheart.com
Image Credits: stheart.com

Pronounced ‘Paris’, the alternative rock trio has just recently started making waves for their commendable music and for being one of the top female-fronted bands. Signed to Rise Records, their debut album ‘White Noise’ was released late last year and garnered positive responses and also comparisons with ‘Paramore’- a female led trio in the rock scene with similar sounds. Buzzfeed called them Paramore’s “cool indie sister”. In fact, for a better understanding of their music, think a mixture of Paramore and Evanescence.

PVRIS’s music ranges from electro to alternative rock; Lynn Gunn’s voice has been described by The Huffington Post as “..a force that cannot be denied, redolently poignant in both her most excitable and serene vocalizations.”

Start with: ‘St. Patrick’, ‘Smoke’ (White Noise)

4. The 1975

The 1975 Image Credits: pixshark.com
The 1975
Image Credits: pixshark.com

Known for their indie-pop, ear-pleasing synthy sounds, the 1975’s music would make for the perfect setting for a summer that is equal parts laid-back and full of adventures. Their debut album, released in the later half of 2013 was heralded as the best indie record of the year and is a mix of sixteen songs which boast of influences from the 80s to glitchy pop and RnB Soul.

Matt Healy’s voice, heavy with the northern English accent, gives the songs a heady, intoxicating feel which makes the album a surpringly soothing listen. Given the length of the album, one would expect listeners to run out of patience and switch tracks but their music manages to hold listeners’ attention, which speaks a lot about their music.

Start with: ‘The City’, ‘She Way Out’ (The 1975)

5. As It Is

As It Is Image Credits: fearlessrecords.com
As It Is
Image Credits: fearlessrecords.com

Widely being touted as the breakout band of 2015, the British pop-punk band is starting to go to places. The band-members’ ages, all just out of their teens, reflects in the music they create with prevalent themes of dealing with critics, growing up and a dreamers-against-the-big-bad-world vibe. Their music is the perfect soundtrack for a summer post gruelling exams where all you want to do is raise your middle finger to the rest of the world. They streamed their first album ‘Never Happy Ever After’ to a mostly positive response earlier this year, with some even calling it “everything a pop-punk record should be today”.

For a sense of their musical sensibilities, think ‘All Time Low’ mixed with early ‘Fall Out Boy’.

Start with: ‘Cheap Shots and Setbacks’, ‘Speak Soft’ (Never Happy Ever After)

Feature Image Credits: lhsepic.com

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Each year comes and brings along with excellent music to listen to and associate it with. 2015 has been an especially great year for music, with major artists releasing music in the first half of the year and yet many more announcing the announcement of theirs. Two months shy of the halfway mark of 2015 and with a lot of options to choose from, here are our top three picks of the albums you should listen and celebrate your summer to:

American Beauty/American Psycho- Fall Out Boy

American Beauty/American Psycho- Fall Out Boy Image Credits: Fall Out Boy (official album cover)
American Beauty/American Psycho- Fall Out Boy
Image Credits: Fall Out Boy (official album cover)

If you love the sound of anthem songs that have choruses worth shouting and stomping your feet to, look no further than Fall Out Boy’s sixth studio album. The album was released fresh into the New Year on January 20, 2015.

After pulling off a reincarnation of sorts with 2013’s “Save Rock and Roll”, the Chicago-based rock-stars continue to step on, and even try and erase the line between what’s considered pop and rock music. While traditionally known for their “emo” music, with lyricist Pete Wentz’s introspective lyrics and Patrick Stump’s soaring musical arrangements and vocals, the band took a noticeable turn towards pop music in their latest albums. American Beauty/American Psycho (stylised AB/AP), is a pop record, too, but it is also much more than that.

The album is 11 songs long, starting off with blaring horns with the album opener – “Irresistible”, a song about falling in love with people you know will hurt you. The song is a perfect way to start off a record, drawing attention to Stump’s soaring vocals. The first half of the album is full of catchy choruses and psychedelic song you can dance to, including the multi-platinum hit- “Centuries”. It then hits a slight slump in the middle but picks right up, with “Immortals”, which was featured on Disney’s Academy Award Winning film “Big Hero 6”. The album ends with the track named “Twin Skeletons”, which is almost like a cliffhanger in terms of the music you’d expect the band to release next.

The variety of music on AB/AP is commendable, from the melancholic and soulful “Jet Pack Blues” to head-bang worthy anthems like the title track. Despite the variety, it still sounds cohesive as an album and not just a collection of singles, which is more than what can be said for a lot of records being released today.

Must Listens: Uma Thurman, Jet Pack Blues, Fourth of July

Kintsugi- Death Cab for Cutie

Kintsugi- Death Cab For Cutie Image Credits: songmeanings.com
Kintsugi- Death Cab For Cutie
Image Credits: songmeanings.com

Death Cab for Cutie has been a critically acclaimed band for as long as some of us have been alive. No, I’m not exaggerating. They’ve been around since 1997 and have found appreciation that started in the independent music industry and then led them to multiple Grammy nominations.

Kintsugi, the eighth studio album by the band, follows on the heels of the departure of Chris Walla, who was one of the band’s founding members, and the lead vocalist Ben Gibbard’s divorce with actress Zoey. Naturally, the main themes of the album revolve around love, heartbreak and melancholy.

The name of the album is from a Japanese art form involving the piecing together of broken pottery. The breaking and recreation of the ceramics are meant to become a part of the object’s story rather than simply a means of repair. The album is the band’s attempt at observing this philosophy musically and trying to incorporate it after painful losses.

The most striking feature of the album is that it can be listened to as passively or as actively as you want. If you’re focusing on reading and want something in the background or even if you want to wholeheartedly dissect the sound of the album, it is perfect for both. While generally labeled as an indie-pop record, which is what is DCFC’s main genre; it’s too homogenised to capture the sound of this record. The records range from the introspective, but upbeat “No Room in Frame”, to the slow ballad of “Hold No Guns”, and then to the more guitar-based sound of “Good Help (Is So Hard To Find)”.

This is the perfect album for an introspective, laid-back summer. I found it to be particularly amazing to write or read to.

Must Listens: No Room In Frame, Good Help (Is So Hard To Find), Binary Sea


Future Hearts- All Time Low

Future Hearts- All time Low Image Credits: rebloggy.com
Future Hearts- All time Low
Image Credits: rebloggy.com


All Time Low have understood and employed the formula for a pop-punk record time and again. Future Hearts is an extension, although a brilliant one, of the same process. It’s definitely the same band who busted out tunes like “Dear Maria, Count Me In” but the lyrics have matured and the albums are peppered with slower songs, as well.

What Future Hearts lacks in cohesiveness as an album. Though, it definitely makes up in terms of how catchy the majority of the songs are. You might not want to list to the entire album in a go, but you’ll definitely find yourself humming the hooks under your breath after listening to some of the songs. The album follows no one theme but has the general “this- town-is-so-small-let’s-get-away-we’ll-make-it” vibe of any quintessential pop-punk record. Alex Gaskarth’s voice is framed perfectly in the melodic arrangements which some may criticise as overproduced. The album also boasts of some fantastic guest appearances- Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 (Tidal Waves) and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. The strongest tracks of the album are the starting few as it loses momentum, giving way to the generic and forgettable in the middle.

Listen to this album for the variety of moods it can support- scared about the vast possibilities of the future; protesting against something unfair; or feeling like nothing will be worth it again. This album has it all.

Must Listens: Something’s Gotta Give, Satellite, Cinderblock Garden

Feature image credits: tntmagazine.com

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