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5 Reasons why your Earphones should be precious to you

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I remember coming across this video on Facebook called ‘look up’. This video had about 7 million views on YouTube and I had expected a lot more from it. “Look up from your phone”, said the narrator while I asked myself, “Should I be barbaric then?” I knew he was honest in his disposition, but shouldn’t we move ahead as technology upgrades itself? Yes, we should!

Every time I enter the metro, I am reminded of how the world is a bigger hypocrite than anything else. I hear the voice saying, ‘Please do not play music in the train’, so I put earphones in my ears, but when I am crossing the street, they shout, “Do not wear your earphones.” What should I do then? I chose the former. I enjoy wearing earphones and letting the music flow through my mind. Here are 5 reasons why these earphones are so precious to me –

Music – A break from the ‘noise’

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,’ and so I choose to get rid of the ‘noise’ I hear outside by trading it for jolly chimes. The cars, the shouting, the repugnant distraction from trance, all can be escaped from, with a simple insertion of two buds into one’s ears. You can listen to your favorite songs, you can memorize the lyrics and you can get rid of anyone or anything stopping you from that happy solitude.

A break from ‘Judgement’

Imagine yourself, travelling in clothes that are ‘unacceptable’ by ‘laymen’ or imagine yourself banging your head, while listening to a bit of heavy metal. The only noble thing this world will do is judge you. And you can escape those gouging eyes, and those ill wishes, by listening to louder music, but through your earphones.

An incentive to ‘Imagine’

I will not shy away from the fact that I am awkward, but I do imagine my self on the stage holding the guitar and playing sick riffs followed by breakdowns on Bring me the Horizon songs, when I am listening to them. Do not tell me you don’t! You do! You might even imagine yourself instead of Ronan Keating singing, ‘”You say it best, when you say nothing at all” to your girlfriend/boyfriend. The point is, if you are in the groove, you will imagine yourself singing those lyrics and playing that music instead of the original people. And a little imagination never harmed anyone, did it?

An incentive to hear better

Have you ever tried talking to people on your phone at Sadar Bazaar or Rajiv Chowk? I have and its painful. Its painful to shout your lungs out so that the other person can hear you. It is also equally traumatic to hear what the person has to say on the other end of the line. An earphone makes your life easy. It helps you decrease or increase the volume as per your wish.

An incentive to better productivity

As cocky as that might sound earphones do as ordered and it is the truth. Earphones do help you psychologically. They do what you want them to do. They play songs you wish them to play for you. They adjust their volume as per your wish. You are hence in complete charge of them. They fill up your brain with natural nicotine to help you function better; to help you concentrate more. It is all according to your will. Something that functions well, is bound to make you more productive.

Earphones are good for many other things.Sometimes, they reduce the chances of people stealing your phone from your pocket or they can help you escape the blabbering of your better half. Anyway, in this age earphones are desperately needed, at least by me. So what about you?


Image credits: josueperez79.deviantart.com

Ishaan Sengupta

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