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The English Department of the University of Delhi has cut down the number of seats in the master’s programme of English by 30%, while 50% seats are reserved for the DU graduates. According to the first admission list, only 299 students have been admitted as against 425 admitted in the same list last year. The 299 students admitted hail to all categories.

As per the statistics of the entrance-based exam, 73 students who have been offered admission belong to the unreserved category, 42 to the OBC category, 23 to SC, and 12 to ST. These students have gotten admission in renowned colleges like Hindu, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Miranda House, Hans Raj College, Ramjas, Sri Venkateshwara, Jesus and Mary, Kirori Mal College, amongst others.

Remarking on the decision of reduction of seats, Christel Devadawson, professor and head of Department of English at the University, clarifies,

“Last year, our department was alerted along with some others to the fact that there was a significant difference between the total number of seats against the name of the department of English and the sum total of the seats in different colleges which offer a master’s programme in English. Our attention was drawn to this, we were asked to take note of this discrepancy and set it right. Last year, however, was a year when many more paradigm shifts came into position so we did not address the matter last year. This year we addressed this matter. The convenor of the MA committee drew my attention to this, the convenor also spoke, both to his immediate predecessor and to the person who had been the convenor before that. They realised that the department had increased its seat intake without any official justification. Therefore, it was decided that it would be a good idea for the department to return to the original number of seats against the seats called sanctioned strength. Sanctioned strength is the term used to describe the number of seats assigned to each department on the basis of UGC norm. This reduction was done in a very systematic manner. Colleges that had seats below the number 60 for English in MA were not disturbed. Colleges that had an allocation of seats greater than 60, the reduction was made in those by 3-4 candidates in each case. That is how this reversion has been accomplished. I should add that the reverse to the sanctioned strength is not officially termed a ‘reduction’ but I can understand how it might seem to somebody looking at the list. Moreover, people last year mentioned that we weren’t doing justice to our students, we had very large internal assessment battles, we were not able to give individual attention, we had overcrowded class rooms, so this year the proposal came up that to correct our position.”

Today is the last day for the verification of documents, approval of admission, and payment of admission for M.A. English programme. The second list will be released if required by the University as mentioned in the notice.



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