Dear Amma, 

I’ve heard about how sex is much better without using condoms, and how pregnancy can be prevented using Ipill? Could you help me out regarding whether I should be on Ipill or not? 

Dear Idli,

Before describing the pros and cons, Amma would like to make you aware about the basic method by which an Ipill works.

Ipill commonly known as ‘the pill’ prevents ovulation in the Idli’s body leaving the spermatozoa of the vada with nothing to interact with. It falls in the category of hormonal birth control as it regulates the release of the hormones governing the release of an egg.
My special Rava Idli, if you haven’t tried it ever before, then let your Amma tell you that the pill has to be taken within 72 hours that is 3 days of unprotected coitus with your partner.

Taking it after that increases the risk of failure so, make sure you keep this in mind. Another thing which one should be aware of is the different types of pills available.

There are basically 2 types of pills available in the market. One of them contains synthetically prepared estrogen, and the other contains synthetically prepared progesterone while the other type contains a combination of both, called as combination pills. The commonly sold, under a title of Ipill belongs to the first category. Now, since you are clear with the bascities its time for you to dive in the details of the pros and cons.

• One can experience dosa making without any cover and hindrance along with a mind deprived of any stress of having a little Idli or vada in return.
• It is one of the most easily available and conveniently usable methods of contraception.
• There are combination pills which can be used as a contraceptive as well as a method to regulate or skip your period flow.
• Since, the combination pills result in skipping your periods the menstrual cramps and pre menstrual easiness can be avoided.
• As there is no ovulation, when you consume an Ipill your endometrial lining remains flat and deprived of any swelling, thus avoiding the risk of endometrial cancer.

• There is a high possibility of the Idli feeling a strong feeling of nausea and headache after its consumption
• Often there is a possibility of a disturbance in one’s menstrual cycle.
• Acne and pimples are common when you consume an Ipill
• Since, there is an alteration in the release of the hormones governing your menstrual cycle the idli might go through mood swings, making her feel cranky at one moment and extremely excited and happy on the other.
• There is possibility of breakthrough vaginal bleeding between expected periods, if that happens one should immediately contact a gynaecologist.
Having listed all the necessary pros and cons its completely on you Idli that whether you want to try it or not because after all it’s your body, which makes your approval a must. Another significant point that the Amma would like to make is that the above mentioned pros and cons are not a necessity, just like the taste of the sambhar varies with a variation in the chef similarly, the effect an I-pill will have on the health varies with the variation a in idlis. So, take care, think and then decide.

Sex Amma 

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