The fourth and final day of Harmony’13 was scheduled on 24th February. Since it was a Sunday, the number of students participating in the fest was less than that on other days. However, a fair number of participants still took part in all events. The collage making competition, ‘Bits and Pieces’ was held in the Library Lawn with 13 teams. Students were busy cutting pictures from magazines and putting them together as collages on the theme ‘Circus’.  The event went on for about 3 hours and the 1st prize was awarded to Satakshi and Annu from St Stephens. They won meal coupons worth Rs 2000. A Kabaddi tournament took place at the football field. Despite the heat, this event attracted a large crowd of both participants and spectators. The teams played quite enthusiastically, and barring a few scuffles, the matches took place without any hiccups. ‘Eklavya’ was an event organised by the Social Services Society of the college. It was held in the basketball court and was open to all students. The participants had to try to hit a metallic plate in front of them with a ball. The catch, however, was that they were blindfolded and had to rely only on the sound of a hammer being struck against the plate. More than 20 students took part in this event including physically and visually impaired students. Apart from these, other events were also lined up for the day. They included ‘Shipwreck’, an Obstacle Race, a Pottery Workshop, ‘Scenes from a hat’ and the DJ Night.]]>

To Stephanians, the company of one another is absolute bliss that alleviates any spurt of boredom. As stereotyped as it may be reckoned, St. Stephen’s is a world of its own for the college dwellers who rejoiced in harmony in the entirety of the fest. Frequent showers of rain interrupted Day 3 of Harmony. However, this didn’t let down the spirits of the Stephanians and they kicked off with the day’s event with avidity. First event of the day was Scavenger’s Hunt, which saw huge participation. About 49 teams got registered for this fun trail. They were given a list of 48 items to be collected in 1 hour in which they could collect only 5 pictures in total for any item. Shreya, Siddharth, Anusha and Diksha battled out and managed to win this competition. Up next was FLAME {Fashion, Literature, Art, Music, Entertainment}, the Quiz that received a handsome response from quiz lovers and drilled them with some mindboggling questions. The students showcased their creativity with colors and brushes in a Texture Art competition. The topic given to them was “abstract” and students in large number painted their masterpieces. Sherlock Holmes drew huge crowds where a team of two {one impersonating Sherlock Holmes and the other as Watson} set to solve the murder mystery. All the teams were provided with a case study, which they were asked to solve in given time. Five selected teams who reached the finals were then allowed to interview suspects and witness the crime scene. “It was really very interesting, something different” shared of the participants. This was followed by Theatrics in the college hall. The aura of the college was very musical where songs were being dedicated by students to their fellow mates. Paintball and graffiti were also a welcome addition at the fest. Theatrics was conquered by Yang and Subodh, claiming the first and second position respectively. Giving way to sarcasm and exaggeration alike, Mocktaves gave vent to the mimicry talents of the students. Participants gathered to mock and imitate the extremely popular professors of the college who in satirical view had everybody rolling with laughter. Rahul emerged as the clear winner who with his extremely entertaining act had everybody in splits. Footloose was another event which commenced with a number of participants paired to rock to the tunes. Elimination after each thump rendered the top ten participants exulting in the glory and ultimately trying to oust each other. This by far was the most amusing event where everyone let their hair down.  The day concluded giving way to a rocking performance by the band Parikrama, preparations for which were in full swing.  

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The second day of the three day long fest did not have many competitions lined up. There was the intra college Frisbee competition that hardly brought any crowd except the participating teams themselves. The food tasting competition, Khai Khai, saw large participation. The first round was a blind tasting, quite literally, as you were given- mostly Bengali- sweets to taste and recognize while being blind folded. If you could guess the exact sweet, not only did you earn respect but also full points. A fraction of the total score was awarded if one was able to guess the ingredients or generic name for the food item. Apart from these, there was the dodge ball competition which also exclusively saw Stephanian participation. Create it Quick was the competition that pushed participants to create as many origami Ninja Stars (Shurikens), clay bird figures, etc as possible in the given time. The street play competition, Anhad, began with much energy and vigour. Thirteen colleges took part and won the crowd over with their performances that communicated their message while tickling the audience’s funny bone. As per tradition, the plays had music, songs and interaction with the audience that made the spectators feel like a part of the play. The winners

  1. Hindu College-
  2. Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Eve) College
  3. Miranda House
The winning teams were given prizes worth Rs.2500, Rs.2000 and Rs.1500, respectively. Many people were attracted to the event and it was a big success. It was thought to be the most entertaining event of the day, as compared to the other competitions on day 2 at Harmony, 2013.   Shreya Mudgil([email protected]) Anugrah Gopinath([email protected])]]>

The annual fest of St. Stephen’s College – Harmony 2013 began with a blast. It was wonderfully exhilarating with a variety of songs, dances, and videos. The inaugural ceremony began with the Indian Choreography Society showcasing beautiful, well coordinated, and traditional Indian dances. Following this was the Western Choreography Society; with a medley of contemporary Bollywood songs, they got the crowd in the mood to have fun. ‘Through The Looking Glass’ is the most awaited part of every fest at St. Stephen’s College. It consists of a video filled with pictures, which capture those deadly, can’t-be-missed crazy moments, accompanied by funny comments and gossip. It was shorter than usual – and dedicated to the graduating batch of 2013. However, it still brought smiles to the faces of many. The rest of the day was filled with events like Tug of War, Face Painting and a Science Quiz. There was lot of activity, and something to do for everyone present. The day ended with a Battle of the Bands event. It was a well organised first day – filled with excitement and laughter. It lived up to the tagline of the fest: colours of life – which were plentiful and present in every corner of the college.   Adita Bhatia [email protected]]]>

The Doppler Effect is one band whose chords resonate with the sound of the youth. With their inception on 21st October 2010, the band members, Ashwin Nayar on lead guitar, Akshay Johar on bass guitar, Sherry Mathews on lead vocals and Suyash Gabriel on drums, initially came together to pour some new life into classic rock, with a pinch of their own elements. Adding some funk, hard and progressive rock to familiar tunes, this band rose to meteoric heights at quite an early stage.

After a whirlwind of a first week, they were called to perform at various occasions such as the MUN (Model United Nations) at BITS Pilani and for DU college fests such as Woodstock- SRCC and at Harmony- St. Stephen’s college in early 2011. They were also spotted at The Gig Week, Delhi’s first live music appreciation summit where talented bands took to the stage and performed for an enthusiastic audience.

The Doppler Effect was one such band, receiving tremendous appreciation for their well-deserved work. “They don’t play the usual clichéd music. It sounds more on the lines of new age funk, with a rock music base. That’s what makes the band stand apart from the rest,” says Nolina Mishra, a student of LSR College who worked with the organisers of The Gig Week and got an opportunity to hear their performance. Apart from this, The Doppler Effect was runners up and had a special mention for best performance at The Open Mic night held at The Living Room Cafe, Hauz Khas Village. Owing to their stupendous rise to fame, the band has received prizes at various competitions. Accolades such as best band, best bassist, and best drummer at MDI have been given to this talented group. The band also came first at the CHANNEL [V] Launchpad Prelims held in Delhi, making it to the finals and finally playing at Goa. Their most recent success story has been at Emergence 2012, held at Lemp Brew Pub and Kitchen in Gurgaon, where they defeated The Incredible Mindfunk and Grammy Winning Effort and bagged a staggering Rs. One Lakh for their brilliant performance.

“The finals were nerve wracking, but there was an optimistic vibe which we all shared. We were energetic on stage and managed to convey the up-beat energy not only to the audience and audience but to each other as well” said an ecstatic Syuyash Gabriel, drummer – TDE. Talking about their future plans bassist Akshay Johar said “We are currently recording our single ‘Believe’ which should be up online very soon. The album will be worked on during the course of the next few months.”

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