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Harmony 2013: Day 4

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The fourth and final day of Harmony’13 was scheduled on 24th February. Since it was a Sunday, the number of students participating in the fest was less than that on other days. However, a fair number of participants still took part in all events. The collage making competition, ‘Bits and Pieces’ was held in the Library Lawn with 13 teams. Students were busy cutting pictures from magazines and putting them together as collages on the theme ‘Circus’.  The event went on for about 3 hours and the 1st prize was awarded to Satakshi and Annu from St Stephens. They won meal coupons worth Rs 2000. A Kabaddi tournament took place at the football field. Despite the heat, this event attracted a large crowd of both participants and spectators. The teams played quite enthusiastically, and barring a few scuffles, the matches took place without any hiccups. ‘Eklavya’ was an event organised by the Social Services Society of the college. It was held in the basketball court and was open to all students. The participants had to try to hit a metallic plate in front of them with a ball. The catch, however, was that they were blindfolded and had to rely only on the sound of a hammer being struck against the plate. More than 20 students took part in this event including physically and visually impaired students. Apart from these, other events were also lined up for the day. They included ‘Shipwreck’, an Obstacle Race, a Pottery Workshop, ‘Scenes from a hat’ and the DJ Night.]]>

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