Addictions and obsessions are often associated with drugs and alcohol, however, there are a number of activities or substances in our daily life to which we are deeply addicted, but remain ignorant about.

1. Mobile Phones and Social Media:
In today’s world, a talk about obsession without a mention of the handy telephone is impossible. We, on a daily basis without even our notice spend around 3 to 4 hours in vain, on our mobile phones. Scrolling through social media to have a glimpse of what all is going on in the lives of others, we often end up ignoring what is going on in our own. Mobile gaming is another villain that keeps calling us, to pick up the device. Lost in a world of PubG, Call of Duty and Counter Strike, we fail to realise the shortcomings we are causing to our own world. Using electronic gadgets occasionally as a break from work or for a positive purpose is harmless, but feeling a continous and surfeit urge to scroll or play is what can make a person phonophobic.

2. Chai/Coffee Fuelled Survival:
With the common and trending slang quotes and memes, a dependency on coffee or tea is assumed to be hip and cool. But, trust me, it’s not. A person’s inability to meet the daily grind in the absence of a cup of chai or coffee, or facing difficulty in even getting up from sleep without the daily dose of caffeine is not something healthy. Dependency on anything or anyone never gets counted in the positives. It is only the strength and ability to manage every condition, every circumstance, that makes one rise above mediocrity. So, all those who attach a tag of coffee-holic and tea-lovers to themselves, need to understand that having your cup of coffee or kadakchai thrice a day due to the immense love you have for its flavour is no bad but, having it because without it, your routine will not be able to function, is a serious issue which needs to be worked upon.

3. Fitness Freaks:
Gym and exercising are good only until they benefit the body and enhance your health, but once they starts to have an opposite effect of over-straining and begin giving excessive fatigue to your body, they become a hazard. Especially when despite of physical pain, you find yourself unable to avoid straining physical exercise, you become an addict. People, who even after a serious injury or breakdown, cannot resist going to the gym or resting their daily work-out regime, become at risk to causing extreme trouble to themselves and their bodies. So, all the gym-freaks out there, it is fine to relax for a day. Even John Cena and The Undertaker probably have their cheat days.

4. Porn Addiction:
Sexual needs and a want for their satisfaction is something that every person desires for and therefore taking support of pornographic material available online is not something viscous. But, again facing a depravity of sleep or a sense of discomfort in its absence is harmful. Over doing can have serious health implications for both males and females. Self-control is not something only necessary for the well-being of your body but is also beneficial to your mental health.

5. Shopping: A Guilty Pleasure
An excessive urge to shop is a medically recognized addiction known as, Oniomania. Making yourself fall in debt just to buy shiny branded articles makes you an Omnomaniac. It usually arises with a feeling of depression or a constant thinking of perceiving oneself inferior from others. One can understand its serious implications on their bank balance from our very favourite Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic.

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In their college years, students pay no attention to their physical wellness which has hazardous implications in future. Here’s delving deep into the subject and discussing the changes one needs to bring in their lifestyle to improve their physical health.

College years can be some of the most stressful years for a student- both mentally and physically. You are overburdened with academics, society activities, friends and social life, and so much more.

In such a scenario, students, more often than not, forget taking care of themselves and pay no attention to their physical wellness. Several unhealthy habits ingrained during college years often deteriorate their health which become the root of health issues later in life.

How often do you prefer eating out over cooking for yourself? Do you also spend the most amount of your day sitting in front laptop completing your assignment or well, just binging shows on Netflix?

During college years, students, especially those living in hostels, find themselves involved into unhealthy eating habits like eating junk food very often, binging on unhealthy snacks during midnight study sessions, heavy dependence on caffeine among others. Excessive intake of such unhealthy high-on-calorie food items leads to problems like obesity.

There’s also a considerable reduction in the number of physical activities performed by college students as compared to when they were in school. Lack of any compulsory physical exercise like sports in college gives students numerous reasons to never leave the comfort of their cozy beds and go out in the fresh air. Physical lethargy leads to mental lethargy, robbing students of concentration and an active mind.

In conversation with DU Beat, Sakshi from Kamala Nehru College (KNC) said that she didn’t remember the last time she played any sport during her college years. She also added that regular intake of junk food and soft drinks have become the norm of college life.

This decline in attention towards physical health is worrisome, for it may have several hazardous implications for students.

Thus, it’s quite important for college students to become aware of their daily physical habits and to not ruin it further every day. Small changes are key to bringing about a major change in one’s physical lifestyle.

Prefer cooking at home over regularly binging junk food outside. Try healthier snack options during your late night study sessions. Get up from your bed and chair every hour, take a walk outside in the fresh air, and give your body some physical movement like sports and exercise. Simran from Gargi College said, “I have started exercising daily in my hostel itself due to lack of time to go to the gym. It helps me feel rejuvenated and healthy.”

Engaging in sports brings an individual not only physical benefits but they also leave the person mentally fresh and energised. Dharna Bothra from KNC said, “I feel extremely active and energised not only physically but also mentally after playing sports.”

So, put your phones down, get up from your beds and take a long walk outside. Do your physical health a favor!

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In between the season finale of Game of Thrones and the return of Suits, a major chunk of our summer break has gone by. While we all started the break binge watching our favourite shows, some of us went ahead and started drafting a plan for our career. Some started to complete their bucket list of summer plans they made during exams. And then there are some who are still hiding behind their laptops, parked in front of their TV, doing absolutely nothing. If you belong to this category of people, jolt your bones awake! 

Here are 5 reasons to get off your beloved couch this summer!

No one likes a couch potato, not even themselves

Waking up around noon and taking a nap right afterwards seemed fun in school. In college, it’s not quite so. Summer break is a perfect opportunity for you to introspect and hone your talents or discover new possibilities altogether. It’s the time to be proactive and enthusiastic about the future without the hustle and bustle of college life. If you want to have a stalker-worthy Instagram feed, do something other than napping and watching TV.  A little of this introspection and hard work, will go a long long way.

Get a Summer Job/Internship

In between the internet bills, college tuition, lunch money and other innumerable expenses of a college student, there is hardly any money left to do anything else. Taking up a summer job or an internship could possibly bring your wallet back to life. To top it all, these internships will also add some colour to your resumes.

Hit the gym!

Use the calm time of the break to lose that “examination weight” already. Hit the gym or do some yoga, do something! Go for a walk,get together with a bicyclist group,enrol in a swimming class or join a sports team.

Here are some tips to get you started!

Travel is non-fattening and flying helps the economy

If you are fortunate enough to vacation in luxury hotels and resorts, then I might strongly dislike you, stalk your Facebook feed and wallow in jealousy almost all the time. If you ever get an opportunity to discover a new place, seize it! Start with discovering your own city, or travel a brand new place. Travelling is multidimensional, exploration is educational. It moulds your life in a way that you envision things with a clearer mind, and it helps you understand your own self better. Plus, you’ll always have a cool story to share about your adventures and escapades later on. If you wish to discover Delhi, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Turn a new interest into a hobby

If there’s a certain thing you like to do, follow it up religiously. If you love to read as well, you could start a blog and connect with other bookworms. If you wish to volunteer with your local organizations, you can do it now without the daily interruption of college. If you love to draw, you could build up an entire portfolio of sketches ready before college! Here are some projects to help you get started.

Here’s to a more productive summer, whatever is left of that anyway. Cheers!

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