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Reasons to get off the couch this Summer!

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In between the season finale of Game of Thrones and the return of Suits, a major chunk of our summer break has gone by. While we all started the break binge watching our favourite shows, some of us went ahead and started drafting a plan for our career. Some started to complete their bucket list of summer plans they made during exams. And then there are some who are still hiding behind their laptops, parked in front of their TV, doing absolutely nothing. If you belong to this category of people, jolt your bones awake! 

Here are 5 reasons to get off your beloved couch this summer!

No one likes a couch potato, not even themselves

Waking up around noon and taking a nap right afterwards seemed fun in school. In college, it’s not quite so. Summer break is a perfect opportunity for you to introspect and hone your talents or discover new possibilities altogether. It’s the time to be proactive and enthusiastic about the future without the hustle and bustle of college life. If you want to have a stalker-worthy Instagram feed, do something other than napping and watching TV.  A little of this introspection and hard work, will go a long long way.

Get a Summer Job/Internship

In between the internet bills, college tuition, lunch money and other innumerable expenses of a college student, there is hardly any money left to do anything else. Taking up a summer job or an internship could possibly bring your wallet back to life. To top it all, these internships will also add some colour to your resumes.

Hit the gym!

Use the calm time of the break to lose that “examination weight” already. Hit the gym or do some yoga, do something! Go for a walk,get together with a bicyclist group,enrol in a swimming class or join a sports team.

Here are some tips to get you started!

Travel is non-fattening and flying helps the economy

If you are fortunate enough to vacation in luxury hotels and resorts, then I might strongly dislike you, stalk your Facebook feed and wallow in jealousy almost all the time. If you ever get an opportunity to discover a new place, seize it! Start with discovering your own city, or travel a brand new place. Travelling is multidimensional, exploration is educational. It moulds your life in a way that you envision things with a clearer mind, and it helps you understand your own self better. Plus, you’ll always have a cool story to share about your adventures and escapades later on. If you wish to discover Delhi, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Turn a new interest into a hobby

If there’s a certain thing you like to do, follow it up religiously. If you love to read as well, you could start a blog and connect with other bookworms. If you wish to volunteer with your local organizations, you can do it now without the daily interruption of college. If you love to draw, you could build up an entire portfolio of sketches ready before college! Here are some projects to help you get started.

Here’s to a more productive summer, whatever is left of that anyway. Cheers!

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