A large part of our childhood is made of summer vacations at our Grandmother’s house. It is the single most vibrant memory full of being pampered, getting stuffed like a roasted chicken, made-up games that ended up in fights and screaming matches with cousins and days that ended too quickly. 

With dirty faces and flayed knees, we ran around amok like a flock of wild geese with no sense of propriety or fear of parents. In short, it was unadulterated freedom served to us in huge beautiful summer away from studies and parents.   

Even as summer heat roasted us red and brown, it still was hard to tame us and get us to stay put in one place. It feels like another lifetime when our energy was limitless and wicked ideas came to us in spades. 

My grandmother was a warm oasis of affection who told me mythical stories, showed me constellations, fed me mysterious things and scolded my cousins when they left me out from their games because I was the only girl. She protected me from my parents when I fell off a cliff while aping my brothers in acts of daring and bravery which they specifically told me not to do.  

When you are all grown up, the whole meaning of summer vacations changes. In college, it is either interning, vacationing at some exotic place or staring at your ceiling fan filled with the existential crisis while your work is calling your name with the insistence of that one clingy ex. 

The summer vacations at grandmother are not similar to what you were used to. The annoying cousins are all grown up with their noses stuck deep down their books and breaking manly voice under the pretext of which they act like gangsters but come off like cheap cronies. The communication is no longer around a carrom board pulling each other’s leg relentlessly but sitting in the same room and sending each other inane texts. 

The whole ecstatic environment has changed and feels grown-up. 

You are no longer spending your days out in summer heat creating havoc with the relentless energy of a child who has a lot of time and no worries. You are cooped up inside the four walls and still staring at your ceiling fan worrying about the trivialities of life. Even in the face of the broken arm, you were dauntless and strong, a small paper-cut can now result in complete breakdown.

However, Grandmother is the only constant. Even though she is old now and suffering her own health woes. She still scolds you for being thin, not coming to meet her and not regularly calling her. She still sings her hymns in the low lilt and you still wake up to her low humming at the break of dawn. She still protects your bad habits from your parents and spoils you rotten with her affection and love. 

The timeless quality of that one amazing summer is fading and only your memory preserves it. But whenever you are feeling blue and low, that memory will always serve as a constant source of happiness. 

Feature Image Credits: lisa.falson via Instagram.

Antriksha Pathania
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Games have turned out to be the most profitable form of business in the software technology field over the years. The specifications have improved over the years and the plot of the game simulates a pinch closer to real life day by day. In this summer heat, it turns out that staying at home is the better option. Hence to utilize your time in the most fun possible way, you should play a tonne of video games.Here are a few games, each of a different type, just so you don’t have to feel bad about not owning a certain console:

  • Dangerous Dave –


    I remember playing this when I was in my 3rd grade. This game surely surpasses the fun you can ever get from games like Temple Run or Subway Surfer. Dangerous Dave demands the player to control the movements of Dave, the protagonist whose main aim is to collect as many jewels as possible. However what makes his expeditions dangerous are the traps laid down everywhere. The traps range from fire, to dragons to all sort of hurdles. This is a must play. System requirements are extremely low. Runs on MS 2002 to MS 7 operating systems. However you might have to mod it on Windows 7 to allow full screen gameplay.


  • Road Rash –


    Road Rash has always been a life saver for kids who wanted to spend less on configuring their PC’s but wanted a similar gaming experience like an arcade console. The aim of the game is to win races. However it was seen for the first time that players could win races build up money, change their bikes and go up against ‘boss’ racers. It is till date one of the highest selling games in the world. The dearth in graphics is made up by the fantastic gameplay, this piece of art has to offer. A pre – Playstation adaptation of the Twisted Metal Series, with access to melee weapons to bring down your opponent shows how much this game was ahead of its time. System Requirements are low for this game too. It works on OS like – MS 2002 to MS 7.


  • Heavy Rain –


    One of the most successful games of 2014, Heavy Rain is a choice based thriller game, with an intense story line. You have to play as three characters, all from different walks of life trying to find a serial killer named the Origami killer. Your choices in the game determine different outcomes. The game has exceptional graphics, the plot is extreme and the gameplay is smooth. Fulfilling its expectations, heavy Rain is one of the most high selling scenario based game ever to be made. Heavy rain is available on Play station 4 and Xbox.


  • Beyond Two Souls –

    beeyond two souls

    Watch Ellen Page play the protagonist in this Sci-Fi game which will surely make your video gaming experience escalate. The whole game is story based, and you have to control Jodie (Ellen Page) or a spiritual presence connected to her called Aiden. The game also features William Defoe as a scientist who looks after Jodie since her childhood. It has a tremendous storyline and will surely give you a wonderful gaming experience.  The game is available on PS3.


  • Witcher 3 –


    If you are a fan of RPG games, like Final Fantasy, you should definitely play, Witcher 3. The story revolves around Witch-hunters or Witchers who are in pursuit of a witch known for her blasphemy. She unleashes a horde of mutated animals who stand in the Witcher’s path. The story is extremely strong and has been a highly anticipated game. Witcher 3 is available on PS4.These game have turned out to be enjoyed all around the world, and can be the perfect way to utilize your free time during the summers. Make sure you play around with downloadable packages available with the new console (PS4) games.


Ishaan Sengupta
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Apart from the construction of metro bridges and the ‘constant efforts’ to modify and embellish this city, the most recent tiding that is keeping the hullabaloo of the Commonwealth Games alive is the staggering number of volunteer requirement. The Commonwealth Games is the biggest international event being hosted by India since the Asian Games of 1982.Tthe Ministry of Youth Affairs has therefore approached Delhi University and other major universities like JNU with its concern regarding volunteer requirements. The Ministry has decided to recruit at least 7000 volunteers and has already approached 63 colleges including colleges like Lady Sri Ram College for Women, briefing the staff and the students about their requirements.

The Volunteer Management Programme has been modeled after the Beijing Olympics where even high school students had to go through a number of recruitment stages. The Ministry hopes to follow such a pattern and will be dividing the volunteers into two broad categories – ‘the general volunteers’ and the ‘specific volunteers’. The general volunteers would be responsible for hospitality like welcoming, guiding and catering to the guests’ comforts while the specific category would be responsible for various sport specific jobs. The volunteers will be trained accordingly with their first session of drills beginning this October. This introductory session would be held within the college premises for approximately 20 days where the volunteers will be trained in basic etiquette, courtesy and other modalities.

This sure is a colossal event with 54 participating nations, represented by over 70 teams. Over 8500 international athletes swarming across the streets of Delhi and we as students of DU get to interact with them (provided we volunteer). We have been assured that the volunteers will be given national certificates and comforts such as safe transport for the girl volunteers.

For once let us not be lured into volunteering for want of a certificate but realize that it is a big event for our country and try and make it nearly as big as the Beijing Olympics if not exactly as good, after all it is a weighty opportunity for us too! Events like the Commonwealth do not happen everyday.