five things


5.Hire a beefy bodyguard and hide behind him at any sign of trouble

4. Chin up, chest out. Strut around like you’re Sylvester Stallone from Rambo and look everyone straight in the eye. You can even nick your little brother’s toy guns and keep twisting them around in your hands cowboy-style for added effect.

3. Hang a camera around your neck. If any seniors approach you, just say you’re there for sight-seeing, get a photo clicked with them and walk off whistling.

2. If you come across any seniors ragging luckless newbies like yourself, just join the seniors, laughing and back-slapping them like you’ve known them all your life. Punch them playfully on the shoulders and drop in suggestions. Soon they’ll be treating you in the college canteen!

1. Get bodypainting done in the colours of your college and merge with the walls to avoid detection