The 4th edition of the biggest Pet Festival in the nation, Pet Fed 2017 Powered by Dogsee was held over the last two days at the NSIC Exhibition Complex, New Delhi. The paw-er rangers from across the city came together to have two days of super fun and activities with their human friends. The event also had a bunch of activities lined up for all the felines and the canines.


Pet’s Got Talent

This was the flagship event across the two days. While nearly all the dogs set the audience falling for them as they came up with tricks of their own, a few let their cuteness do the talking. Dr. Kunal, the judge for this stiffly competitive event, adjudged Sultan as the ultimate winner.


Security Dog Show

Alpha 11 demonstrated the skills of Khusi, the German Shepherd as she captivated the audience with her agile skills and sheer power in the simulated environment of a criminal trying to hurt her owner.

Pupper Parade

The dogs put their best foot forward, all four of them for that matter, and paraded to the music with their own ruffs and swag.

Off-Leash zone

This was the zone of continuous action as the furry friends tried the swings, the tunnels, and the slide-into-the-ball pool. The Zig Zag race was the main attention here, which saw the cute Casper come first followed by the swift Any.

Dogs enjoying in the ball pool.



Pictures by: Kartik Kher for DU Beat

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Much like the Dark Knight who silently overlooks the city of Gotham in the dark recesses of the night, the volunteers of Friendicoes at Lady Shri Ram College care for the animal life on campus when nobody is looking. In talks with the volunteers, we discovered that this NGO not only feeds the “stray” animals but also looks after their immunisation and sanitation.

A first year volunteer, Khushi, explains that the dogs and cats on campus are fed twice a day- with a rotational duty list, the volunteers ensure that all dogs are given Pedigree, milk, bread and water according to their individual dietary requirements. In addition to the food, these animals are bathed at regular intervals and are made to wear collars- the best part, these collars come in a range of neon colours, the hues of pink and orange that complement their shiny coats perfectly.

A recent event showcases the concern and love the volunteers have for the dogs in LSR. A dog who gave birth has been given a small, shady area to make sure she is not disturbed by the footfall and the daily college chaos. Understanding that a new mother is overly protective of her pups, the volunteers have cut off the area ensuring the safety of both the students and the mother.

When asked why they chose to work with Friendicoes , when it had an additional requirement to be vaccinated for Rabies, a condition that scares off most students, the volunteers promptly answered- “for the love of animals”. To these brave students, the so called “stray” animals are not simply animals found on the street , but lives that deserve attention and protection. They firmly believe that it is every single individual’s responsibility to help and care for those who cannot fend for themselves- animals and humans alike.

These courageous humanitarians are bold and conscientious, fulfilling their responsibility in every way possible. After all, it is the silent crusader who works tirelessly behind the scenes and saves the city, when the citizens are fast asleep, dreaming of a better tomorrow.

Image credits: Friendicoes’ Facebook page

Anahita Sahu

Calling all the people who love wet noses and wagging tails! Be prepared to be welcomed by wags and woofs as you visit Pet Fed, India’s Biggest Pet Convention.
To be held on 13th December 2015 at the Garden of Five Senses Saket, PET FED Delhi 2015 has tons of exciting activities planned for all you pet lovers.

Here is what’s in store for you:

  1. Puppy Therapy


Spend an aww-dorable day with these pooches.
Countless puppies licking your face to glory as you lay back on a comfortable couch…the idea of a perfect evening will come true at this pet convention. Here’s introducing Puppy Therapy to help you leave all your worries behind. Aimed at raising awareness about pup adoption and shelter animals, the fifteen minute sessions will be held throughout the day (or till the fur babies aren’t tired!)


  1. Games for You & Your Pooch


Pet Fed is going to be a lot of fun! Photo Credit: www.petfed.org
Register for super cute games like the Scooby Doo Mystery and dig out the treasure with your furry friends! Follow the clues, solve mysteries and take home treasure…

And lots of other cool games like Human Scrabble, Pawball, Kung Fu Panda Challenge will be there to indulge in!

  1. Live Music, Food & Beer

Dogs, Music, Food and Beers, can life get any better?
With bands like Playback, Chayan (Lead vocalist of Advaita) & Smiti and One World College of Music, PET FED Delhi 2015 will have food and beverage stalls for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening!


  1. Pet Walk

Let your pet set the latest fashion statement as he walks the ramp dressed up in his best attire. The fashion show will take place from 4:45 – 6 pm and participation fee is Rs. 500 donation to Friendicoes. Make sure to register in advance here. A lot of pet supplies will also be available on sale here with which you can dress up your pooch.

Don’t have a pet? Come by to witness the cutest fashion show ever!


  1. Bake Sale


Always wanted to eat up those cute little furballs?
Do you love cupcakes and puppies? Then this PUPCAKE bake sale is your heaven!
Come and enjoy delicious puppy themed cupcakes made by some yummilicous bakers in town! Want to participate in the bake sale? Visit www.petfed.org for more info.


  1. Photo Booth

Don’t forget to get clicked at the photo booth!
You’ll truly be spoilt for choice when it comes to activities at this pet event in Delhi. Get yourself clicked in the super cool Doggy Kisses booth by DogSpot, or even better, click that perfect selfie with your pooch at this vibrant photo booth!


  1. Shopping


Your pooch will love shopping at Pet Fed.
Shop to your heart’s content for your furry friend at Pet Fed Delhi 2015. Brands from all over India will have a wide variety of pet supplies on sale. Let your pooch pick his favourite food item, toys, clothes and more as you stroll through the many stalls.

While you have a fantastic time with your pooch (and shop for adorable pet supplies for him,) all proceeds from the event will go to our much loved Animal NGO, Friendicoes.


Here’s a quick recap for you:

Where: Garden of Five Senses, Near Saket Metro Station, New Delhi

When: 13th December 2015 (10 am to 9 pm)


(Government ticket for Garden of Five Senses of Rs. 30 applies)

Coming with your furball? Make sure to register him/her at www.petfed.org. (No registration required for humans)
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