Living in Delhi is no less than a scavenger hunt and it becomes more of a roller coaster ride when you are new to the city. Everyday so many people come to city with holding their hopes high but it all starts getting worse in a week when they don’t know where to go for all the basic necessities. Well, thanks to new technologies; we have a lot of web and mobile applications to make our life easier in Delhi. Here are top 5 hand picked web and mobile apps just to make your life hassle free.


Voodoo App

We are sure you won’t mind having a digital friend to help you improve your online shopping experience and save you some bucks in the process. Voodoo compares prices across all the shopping apps, gives you fashion recommendation, shows you the availability of cabs, offers coupons and gets you the best deals from the lot. Guess what? you don’t even have to launch it before shopping on your favourite apps. it will smoothly pop up at the corner and show you the best offers. Save a little from your pocket money for a pint of beer or may be to buy those fancy earnings you have been looking for!


Get the android app here


Zomato App


One of the best gateways when your stomach cries of hunger. whether you want to go party with your friends, have food, drink or just a romantic coffee date; zomato has it all. Get amazing restaurants, find reviews and you are good to go. Extremely handy when you are new to the city and wanna know some nice eatouts. Zomato’s new feature of ordering food on your selected restaurant is just icing on the cake. Isn’t it?


Get the android app here


Grofers App

Enough of partying in the new city? Here comes the deal breaker, what about some grocery shopping? Where to go for all your basic homely needs? The most tiring and annoying part that everyone goes through. Tada! Grofers to the rescue. We all can’t thank enough Grofers to make our grocery and home shopping and life easy and convenient. Just search the local shops nearby  and grofers gets it all for you. No more grocery hunting.


Get the android app here



Delhi is incomplete without its metro lines; which has now become lifeline of Delhi. Everyday thousands of passengers travel by metro to their work and many more places in the city. Delhi metro has well connected Gurgaon and Noida making every Delhite’s life simple but it gets difficult for people to remember Metro routes for everywhere. Working on offline mode as well; DMRC app assists you all the way to your metro journey even when you go underground and do not have internet pack. Save yourself from Odd-Even rule and never miss on time for your work and meetings. Worry less, travel more!


Get the android app here


Tinder App


So you must be wondering why Tinder? the answer is quite simple, Tinder has now become so much popular among masses that people are actually using it for making new friends. It’s a great social network to meet new people and talk to them. It comes very useful when you are new to some place and finding people to accompany you in the city of strangers. Who knows you might find your soulmate in the crowd. Wink Wink 😉


Get the android app here


You can thanks us later 😉


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As mobile applications are becoming more and more popular, tons of apps are flooding the market everyday. These apps are not only developed by billion dollar companies, but also by individuals like us. You no longer need heavy investment of money and time, neither do you need any programming skills to develop an Android app. All you require is an internet connection & some advice!

But remember, this article is NOT gonna teach you how to make the next Instagram, Flipboard or Candy Crush! Nope.  But it can help you create and distribute simple apps based on existing web content –  An app for you college’s  fest, your video channel, a website,  basic mobile games and much more without spending a buck and learning any coding language.  Ever wanted to have your own Android app? We’ll show you how!

Quite a few websites allow you to create your own applications. One the most popular & efficient one, is AppsGeyser. It is incredibly easy to use and has generated more than  5,00,000 applications! Moreover, it allows you to distribute your apps for free & provides monetization as well.

First, you must log on to the AppGeyser website and click the green ‘Create Now!” button.  A list of various app templates to choose from would be displayed.  Each template has a distinct function, and a layout to facilitate that function. You can create basic applications from websites, html code, YouTube channel, documents, etc. There are 30 different layouts available. If your app requires more than one function, don’t worry, you will later be able to add these as tabs.

Next you need to add in the source, which depends on the type of app you are creating. For example, if you are converting a website to an app you need to add the URL. Similarly, if you wanna add your own page you may attach the doc; if a photo app then images & so on.  You can see the finished product simultaneously on the “Preview” pane situated on the right side of the screen. Also, fill in other basic details like app name, version, icon, category, app background etc. Once done, click ‘Create App’.

Next, fill in your  details & create an account on AppsGeyser which would redirect you to your dashboard. Here, you can tweak your app further by clicking ‘Edit’ on the menu above. You may tune up your advanced settings such as App Permissions, Thumbnails, Loading Screen and a host of other settings.

If you want to add more content to your app, go to “Tabs’ section, click on “Add Tab” & select ‘more options’ to see the complete list of features to choose from. You can add a Homepage to your app, which would stack all your Tabs in a beautiful shelf-like layout.

Download the APK file and check it for yourself. Once you are satisfied with you application you may wanna share it with the world or use it yourself. You can share the download link for anyone to download the appe. You may also wanna browse the ‘Distribute’ section for further sharing options.

AppsGeyser also lets you earn through your apps. If your app gets downloaded 100 times (No ads will be displayed otherwise), Click on ‘Monetization’ from top menu and opt in for a Revenue Program. Half of the profits will be shared by you (50-50)!

Thats it! This whole procedure should take you less than 5 minutes & without any technical knowledge you successfully created an app, on your own! So go ahead & create apps – show off, flaunt, share, learn & earn!  

Sidhant Malhotra
[email protected]