The student outfit alleged that the attack on its Joint Secretary candidate, Shivangi Kharwal, happened while she was campaigning in Zakir Husain College. 

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, in a press release dated 6 September, alleged that Shivangi Kharwal – the party’s candidate for the post of the Joint Secretary in the upcoming Delhi University Students’ Union – was “brutally attacked by political goons in league with [National Students’ Union of India], on the premises of the University’s Zakir [Husain] College.” 

The press release quoted Ms Kharwal, “the victim of this malicious attack,” as saying that the attack was borne out of the NSUI’S “desperation owing to their sense of foreboding, regarding the uncomplimentary electoral denouement approaching them with inexorable certainty.” She said that the alleged attack reinforced the “misogynistic disposition of the NSUI.” She was also quoted as saying that she will file a complaint with the police “in a little while.” 

While speaking to DU Beat, Siddharth Yadav, State Secretary of ABVP Delhi, told us that while Ms Kharwal was campaigning at Zakir Husain College, suddenly slogans of “ABVP Murdabad, SUI Zindabad” were raised. He alleged that around 40-50 people with sticks had gathered outside the college gate from where the candidate had entered. “The NSUI unit inside the college was in direct coordination with the people outside, which included some locals, few gundas and few of their sympathisers,” Mr Yadav said. 

Mr Yadav further said that Ms Kharwal did not want to get into a conflict with the alleged attackers and she decided to end her campaign in the college and leave. However, Mr Yadav further alleged that when Ms Kharwal was leaving, the car that she was in was attacked. “People with stones and sticks and what not attacked the cars and even a few of our women supporters were tried to be held back. They were stopped from entering the car,” he said. 

However, NSUI refuted the allegations. Saimon Farooqui, National Secretary of the student party, said, “When ABVP starts losing, they put fake allegations. NSUI was nowhere involved in the entire incident. ABVP’s candidate and [its] members brutally thrashed the students of Zakir [Husain] College last year and this year too, they were planning to do the same which wasn’t acceptable to the students. This resulted in students drawing them out of the college. All the students were ID card holders of Zakir [Husain] College. No one belonged to NSUI.” 

We contacted Ms Kharwal but could not get a comment from her on time. 

However, this does not seem to be a standalone incident; the DUSU elections, scheduled for 12 September, have seen multiple instances of alleged scuffles and violence till now. Almost all parties have accused each other of creating violence or attacking their candidates and supporters some or the other time. 

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As the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) elections come closer, the SFI (Students’ Federation of India) has come out with allegations of being attacked by the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

During the early hours of 26th August, members of the SFI were putting up posters near North Campus’ Vijay Nagar drain. As recalled by eyewitnesses, men in a Scorpio showed up which had posters supporting the ABVP and Sahil Malik, ABVP’s likely presidential candidate for this year. Minutes later, a Swift pulled over and men emerged with hockey sticks and ‘a stick with numerous nails on it’.

The men demanded to the SFI members that they pull the posters down, outnumbered, they obliged. But minutes later, the men attacked the members of SFI.

The three injured activists are Noel, Sumit, and Himanshu. One of them suffered a head injury and the other suffered two fractures in his hands.

DU Beat spoke to Himanshu, who suffered a fracture in his hand. He stated, “We rushed to the hospital in a cab, after that, we went to the Maurice Nagar police station but the case was moved to the Model Town police station.” Himanshu alleges that Sahil Malik was also a part of the gang that attacked him.


Members of SFI display their wounds at the Protest.
The pictures from the day the incident took place. Image Credits: SFI

Anagha, another eyewitness who escaped the attack recalls the ordeal, “There were a lot of females present so we tried to negotiate to not escalate the situation but as soon as we started removing the posters, the men attacked us. Some of us ran to safety. Sumit is currently hospitalised. Noel has a head injury.”

Members of the SFI gathered at the Faculty of Arts on solidarity with organisations like Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS), Pinjra Tod Collective and All India Students’ Association (AISA). The gathering raised slogans against hooliganism, the culture of violence and the ABVP.  The sloganeering continued as people took turns to speak out against the culture of violence in DU.

Not the first attack.

This isn’t the first alleged attack on the SFI. Previously, multiple allegations of SFI members being attacked in the North Campus lanes have surfaced on social media.

On the 17th of May, members of the SFI were attacked by unidentified men, allegedly from the ABVP. On the same at the Faculty of Arts, Sidharth Yadav, Delhi Secretary of the ABVP refuted the allegations calling them ‘baseless’ and ‘old tactics’.

Earlier this year as well, videos of SFI members being attacked at the Vishwavidyala metro station had emerged.

Do the repeated attacks deter the SFI?

“I will continue with my activism despite the attacks. I don’t think it has deterred any of my comrades; in fact, our numbers have grown. We’ve only been more motivated to fight back. It has fueled us to go forward with our movement.” says Anagha with a hopeful smile.

On the other hand, Monika from the ABVP denied the allegations, she stated “No, as far as our info is concerned none of the ABVP members was involved in the attack. Since, DUSU elections are approaching and ABVP is getting student’s trust and moving in a positive direction. That’s why they are defaming us.”

Sidharth Yadav, the Delhi Secretary of the ABVP was unavailable for comments. Sahil Malik did not respond to DU Beat’s messages.

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CoHo Dorms is a student housing provider in and around Delhi. It boasts of high tech facilities with feedback and complaint mobile apps for students, cleanliness and quality staff.

However, students have made allegations of alleged employee misconduct against CoHo. A recent incident has come to light, wherein a student of Delhi School of Economics (DSE) has alleged physical and mental assault by a staff member at CoHo’s Kamla Nagar residency.
The resident being referred to is Siddhi Sidmukh, an LSR alumna who is currently pursuing M.A. in Economics from DSE.  A recipient of several beauty pageants awards, Siddhi claims to be the oldest and highest paying resident at CoHo, Building No. 38, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi. She claims that she was attacked by a resident faculty member named Mamta Gupta. A confrontation with regards to A.C. repairs and general behaviour apparently escalated into verbal threats of physical assault Siddhi claimed that she was subsequently beaten up and thrashed. Several other members of the residence stood witness to the same, and it was only after all the resident girls collectively tried to calm things down, that the violence seemed to diffuse. Siddhi has provided DU Beat with pictures as proof of the injuries she endured. A police complaint was lodged by Siddhi, and she also conveyed the particulars of the incident to the authorities at CoHo. However, the complainant says no action was taken against the accused in this particular case. They have also reportedly failed to provide Siddhi with video recordings of the same incident (the area was under CCTV surveillance). Siddhi also claims that the security guard refused to intervene and that Ms. Mamta has often accused her of “selling her body” and general misbehaviour.
The DU Beat correspondent has been told that another resident at CoHo, Ms. Soumyaa, has claimed that Ms. Mamta had been a nuisance to the residence for a long time. Several complaints were lodged against her conduct and actions, but the same has gone in vain. The authorities at CoHo have reportedly failed to take action and address the issue. “We have an app wherein we write complaints. I did so twice, received acknowledgements, but nothing was done”, said Soumyaa.
Notably, CoHo staff has been unresponsive to calls made by DU Beat.

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In a letter addressed to the Director of Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ), University of Delhi (DU), students are reportedly demanding a written apology from the administration because of an allegedly unauthorised seminar which was organised in room number G6 of the DSJ campus on the 13th of September 2018. Dr. Kaushal Kant Mishra and two other speakers were present during the seminar.

As claimed by Prashant Yadav, a second-year student at the Delhi School of Journalism, people present at the seminar spoke against the Dalits in a deeply problematic way. Yadav claims that this is all a conspiracy against the anti-corruption agitation taking place at DSJ and further says that the authorities have tried their best to divide the students on the basis of caste and religion. “The organiers of the seminar run provocative social media pages and work against the unity and integrity of the country”, says Prashant. “The information about the event was posted on Facebook. The students tried to contact the OSD (Officer on Special Duty) who proved to be unavailable. After repeated attempts to contact her, the officer was informed about the event. However, she took no action to stop it. Instead, she asked the security men to chase the students out”, he continues.

However Shubham Sharma, one of the organisers who is also a second-year student at Delhi School of Journalism, claims that it was not even a seminar and that it was just an unofficial meeting. The administration wasn’t aware of this. “No such derogatory remarks were made. We are being accused falsely. We even have recordings of the entire event to prove our claim. We didn’t say anything against Dalits. In fact, the topics were on how casteism leads to anti-nationalism and how representatives in the Parliament refuse to even acknowledge caste as an issue”, says Shubham.

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