Allegations of an ‘Anti- Dalit’ Seminar Organised at Delhi School of Journalism

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In a letter addressed to the Director of Delhi School of Journalism (DSJ), University of Delhi (DU), students are reportedly demanding a written apology from the administration because of an allegedly unauthorised seminar which was organised in room number G6 of the DSJ campus on the 13th of September 2018. Dr. Kaushal Kant Mishra and two other speakers were present during the seminar.

As claimed by Prashant Yadav, a second-year student at the Delhi School of Journalism, people present at the seminar spoke against the Dalits in a deeply problematic way. Yadav claims that this is all a conspiracy against the anti-corruption agitation taking place at DSJ and further says that the authorities have tried their best to divide the students on the basis of caste and religion. “The organiers of the seminar run provocative social media pages and work against the unity and integrity of the country”, says Prashant. “The information about the event was posted on Facebook. The students tried to contact the OSD (Officer on Special Duty) who proved to be unavailable. After repeated attempts to contact her, the officer was informed about the event. However, she took no action to stop it. Instead, she asked the security men to chase the students out”, he continues.

However Shubham Sharma, one of the organisers who is also a second-year student at Delhi School of Journalism, claims that it was not even a seminar and that it was just an unofficial meeting. The administration wasn’t aware of this. “No such derogatory remarks were made. We are being accused falsely. We even have recordings of the entire event to prove our claim. We didn’t say anything against Dalits. In fact, the topics were on how casteism leads to anti-nationalism and how representatives in the Parliament refuse to even acknowledge caste as an issue”, says Shubham.

Feature Image Credits: India Today

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