Student Resident Alleges Misconduct by CoHo Staff Member

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CoHo Dorms is a student housing provider in and around Delhi. It boasts of high tech facilities with feedback and complaint mobile apps for students, cleanliness and quality staff.

However, students have made allegations of alleged employee misconduct against CoHo. A recent incident has come to light, wherein a student of Delhi School of Economics (DSE) has alleged physical and mental assault by a staff member at CoHo’s Kamla Nagar residency.
The resident being referred to is Siddhi Sidmukh, an LSR alumna who is currently pursuing M.A. in Economics from DSE.  A recipient of several beauty pageants awards, Siddhi claims to be the oldest and highest paying resident at CoHo, Building No. 38, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi. She claims that she was attacked by a resident faculty member named Mamta Gupta. A confrontation with regards to A.C. repairs and general behaviour apparently escalated into verbal threats of physical assault Siddhi claimed that she was subsequently beaten up and thrashed. Several other members of the residence stood witness to the same, and it was only after all the resident girls collectively tried to calm things down, that the violence seemed to diffuse. Siddhi has provided DU Beat with pictures as proof of the injuries she endured. A police complaint was lodged by Siddhi, and she also conveyed the particulars of the incident to the authorities at CoHo. However, the complainant says no action was taken against the accused in this particular case. They have also reportedly failed to provide Siddhi with video recordings of the same incident (the area was under CCTV surveillance). Siddhi also claims that the security guard refused to intervene and that Ms. Mamta has often accused her of “selling her body” and general misbehaviour.
The DU Beat correspondent has been told that another resident at CoHo, Ms. Soumyaa, has claimed that Ms. Mamta had been a nuisance to the residence for a long time. Several complaints were lodged against her conduct and actions, but the same has gone in vain. The authorities at CoHo have reportedly failed to take action and address the issue. “We have an app wherein we write complaints. I did so twice, received acknowledgements, but nothing was done”, said Soumyaa.
Notably, CoHo staff has been unresponsive to calls made by DU Beat.

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