S.G.T.B Khalsa College


The Theatre Society of SGTB Khalsa College depicted the stark truth of the different shades of war in their Annual Production and witnessed a full house on all the three days.

Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage” and his ideology has perfectly resonated with times and minds. For the students of Ankur, the Theatre Society of SGTB Khalsa College, the Nukkad (also known as Jannat) area of the college was transformed into an opportune stage for the audience to indulge their creative pleasures in!

The Annual Production, titled Check, Mate. was performed from 23rd-25th October, 2016 attracting students, parents, and teachers through the light-adorned area for a perfect evening under the stars. The audience could see a vast setup of black drapes bordering the stage and were delighted with the playful Mario-theme preceding the starting. The costumes complemented the traditional flavour of the play, and the setup piqued the interest of the viewers. The play opened up to an exciting, comic and intriguing dialogue exchange amongst the members of a community.

It was switching between two modes: one, of the rural area of the aam aadmi; two, of the corporate world of business executives who strike deals disregarding the impact on the world of commoners. As the play progressed, a blanket of curiosity had settled amongst the crowd; each phase of the play received with a desire to precipitate more. Shades of politics, human nature, and societal attributes were beautifully portrayed by the talented actors who were thoroughly absorbed in their characters. The play was able to thoughtfully provide an insight into the complex consequences of war on the human mind and the human life.

The intriguing story ended with jingoistic music echoing in the background as the scene symbolized the never-ending cycle of the game of war, and how its strings are being manipulated by certain sections of the society. With a texture of humour induced by the ‘samosa cravings’ and ‘bathing scenes’, a tinge of reality being laid out in terms of women symbolization and narrow visions of a backwards community, and drawing parallels between the worlds separated by the stage borders; Ankur beautifully carried out the painful atrocities of war and impermanence of peace on a relatable shoulder. It proved how war is greater than the borders of black and white, and thus, the show was brought to an end with a thunderous applause for the brilliant efforts!

Saumya Kalia
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