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SGTB Khalsa College’s internal exams fiasco

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As the fest season draws to a close, it is time now for the internal exams to begin. The general practice at colleges in Delhi University has been to hold a 10 mark test for the students as a recap of the syllabus covered over the semester.

This year however, the administration at SGTB Khalsa College has decided to hold mid-semester exams, exactly like the semester end exams. Particular dates have been allotted to the students and the exam will be conducted across all courses at the same time. The idea behind this move was to ensure that the students take the test positively as opposed to earlier when many didn’t turn up for the test and continuously requested teachers to conduct a retest.

The weightage for the test also increases from ten to fifty. Many teachers in the college aren’t happy with the decision of the administration and feel that it defies the whole purpose behind having internal tests. Mr Saikat Ghosh from the English department says, “Earlier when students didn’t turn up, we had other ways to evaluate them. The whole idea behind holding internal exams is to continuously assess students over the course of the semester. With this move however, the purpose behind internals is defeated. It also adds to the pressure of the teachers and lessens the already meager number of teaching days in one semester. It simply isn’t sound academic logic.”  

The students too are stressed out about the approaching exams. Shreya Mago, a first year student from English Hons remarked that, it “unnecessarily adds to the pressure.”  A few however have different views. A first year student of Political Science feels that “more students will take the test seriously now as compared to earlier.”  
The tests will be conducted continuously over a course of four days, from 18th March -22nd March.  No other college has decided to hold tests in this manner. The college hasn’t come out with any official statement clarifying the reason behind such a move.

Akshara Srivastava

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