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I ran my first race at the tender age of five. I was in upper kindergarten (UKG) and my school was celebrating its Annual Sports Day. It was a ‘Banana Race’: one had to eat a banana at the initial line and then run 50m to the finish line.  Technically, I never even ran the race because the tubby little me, cared only for the free banana. So after eating the banana, satisfied and content, I just stood at the initial line.

That was ‘then’. Fourteen years later, fast forward to the present year, ‘now’. I participated in the Vizag Marathon and came first in the ‘Open Women’s Category’. I won a certificate, a gold medal and a cheque of Rs.10,000. Who could have ever thought that the ‘Banana Girl’ would grow up to become a ‘Champion Marathoner’?


The journey wasn’t easy, of course. And the transformation took it’s time. But I honestly feel that ‘running’ is a sport that can be embraced by anybody and everybody.  It comes naturally to human beings- it does not need to be taught, because it is innate and self- evident. Unlike golf, tennis and swimming, it does not require a special environment (course, court and pool, respectively). It also does not need expensive equipment- just shoes, comfortable clothing and a steely will.

If you’ve ever felt like breaking the pattern of your sedentary lifestyle, doing something healthy and becoming active, then I urge you to take up running. You can start small- maybe walk, then take it up a level and jog and then go on to full-fledged running.  But, you must find that determination and START!

Once you start, you can follow these steps and soon, you’ll be running long distances like a pro. You can then challenge yourself and participate in marathons. And who knows, maybe even win them!

‘Running’, like all other sports, requires commitment.  Once you start training yourself, you need to muster up all your perseverance and keep at it. You’re not going to turn into a runner in a day, week or month. Accept that and don’t give up. Monitor your progress and stick to your regime. You’ll get your results over time. But when you do, you’ll look back and realise it was all worth the wait and persistent effort.

You can fasten your journey by embracing healthy eating habits. The deadly cocktail of diet and fitness guarantee long-term benefits.  When you eat nutritious food, your internal health improves.  This gives a boost to your stamina and energy levels, enhancing your performance. So, chuck the fries and soda. Grab an apple and watch your overall fitness levels skyrocket to unimaginable heights!

When you feel you’ve achieved your goal of running 500m without panting, crank it up a notch and try doing the same for 1 km. And then 2,3 and 4kms. Don’t follow stagnated  goals. It is very important to keep moving forward. So you need to review your goals, increase speed, increase distance and then ensure that you’re meeting these goals within the given time frame. Remember, the key is to keep moving!

Your journey of transformation asks for your ‘patience’. Keep yourself going by changing your environment every now and then. If you’ve been running on your college tracks for over 6 months, try going to a park and practicing there. Or try a treadmill at the gym. Update your running playlist. Run with a friend. Jazz up the scene and make running fun! If you succeed in doing so, you’ll never have to come up with excuses to bunk training. 

Over-training can derail all your sincere efforts.  Over-training can lead to muscle break-down, aches and serious fatigue. So if you over-train for a week and then need a week to recuperate from the damage, you’ve done yourself a huge disservice. It’s advisable to train only 5-6 days a week and keep at least 1 day of rest, when you let your body replenish prepare itself for next week’s training. Don’t let ambition blind you to the fact that you’re working with a human body, not a machine.

Now is the perfect time to add ‘running’ to your Resolution List. So get ready to get fit in 2016! Here’s to a ‘Healthy’ 2016! Hip, hip, HURRAY!

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Kriti Sharma
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Every year, the teeming thousands of down-trodden of Delhi succumb to the harsh winter conditions. While we, blissfully unaware of our good fortune, survive the winter months in the comfort of our homes and heaters, the poor wander about on the streets, braving the cold wave with nothing but a blanket of optimism that one will survive yet another severe ‘Dili ki sardi’.

Although a majority of us turn a cold shoulder to the needs of our city’s underprivileged, we do have amongst us, magnanimous Delhiites who wish to make a small but significant change with their thoughtful, generous and innovative initiatives. One such Good Samaritan is Arun Shah, a retired government official and ex-Stephanian, who, along with Manu Singh and Taman Sahni, has started a campaign on social media called ‘Cold Feet No More’. This program consists of a group of volunteers who seek to promote collecting and giving of socks and caps this winter to those people who can’t afford them, but need them just as much as you and I. The purpose behind the campaign is simple: encouraging Delhiites to donate the two winter clothing items that help in protecting one’s extremities, preventing cold-induced ailments and keeping one warm during winter.

DU students can participate in the movement by following the campaign on


Your contribution can make a difference to someone’s life. Spread the joy and generosity this festive season; embrace the true spirit of Christmas and become a part of this charitable concept! This winter, be someone’s savior! All you need is a pair of socks, a cap and a big heart.

Kriti Sharma
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With the much anticipated release of ‘Dilwale’ only a few days away, the ‘SRK-Kajol’ fever is turning up! Known for creating sheer magic on the silver screen every time they come together, SRK and Kajol have set the mood for romance. Their sizzling on-screen chemistry in the song ‘Gerua’ has made us want to (what is they say? Oh yes) ‘Fall in love again’.

But after watching the song, what I’ve fallen in love with (other than, of course, the lilting lyrics and serene scenery) is the colour ‘Gerua’. To begin with, ‘Gerua’ is a colour with several layers to it: red-ochre; somewhat reddish, yellowish, orange. It comes from the Hindi word ‘geru’, which means nothing but red ochre, or in some regions, the red soil, which is rich in iron oxides. ‘Gerua’ is generally considered a color worn by sages and hermits, and thus, here, it symbolizes people who have left everything to find ‘The One’ they are looking for. The word ‘Gerua’ in the song ‘Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua’ gives a kind of Sufi touch to it, as the lovers here want to get coloured ‘Gerua’, like someone who has left the worldly things to be in love.

Touted as the colour of the season, ‘Gerua’ will make for a perfect wear in the chilly winter months to follow. I’m not sure if we can paint your love life with this colour of ‘devout love’, but I sure can try and paint your winter wardrobe with this fun shade of reddish-orange-yellow!

Here’s how you can incorporate ‘Gerua’ into your winter style statement:

A. ‘Gerua’ Coats

Over-sized, knee-length coats are a winter must. They solve a dual purpose: they keep you warm and make quite an impression. Try them in this funky orange shade, by wearing the coat with a pair of black leggings or black, knee-length boots.


B.’Gerua’ Sweaters

For those who are fond of cardigans and sweaters, try teaming up a ‘Gerua’ coloured sweater with denims. Also, this colour looks really good with the colour tan. So tan boots, tan trousers and tan lowers in general can be worn with this shade of splendid orange.

gerua sweater

C.’Gerua’ Mufflers

To add a twist to your look, try mufflers that have an orange base, but have prints like checks, stripes, polka dots and designs in different colours like blue, black, white and brown.
But even hand-woven, plain, orange infinity scarves and mufflers will look amazing when paired with dresses and denims.

gerua muffler

D.’Gerua’ Beret

What’s winter without a fun beret? Add that extra zing to your outfit with a ‘Gerua’ coloured beret. You’ll be the talk of the town in no time! Attention guaranteed!

gerua beret

E.’Gerua’ Boots

This isn’t for the frail-hearted. Only the true fashionista- the bold and the beautiful, can carry off such boots with panache. It’s absolutely necessary to get the shade right, though. Too bright could make you look like a carrot; too sober could make you look droll. So inject yourself with a dose of confidence and stun the world with the right pair of tangy orange boots!

gerua boots

Get ready to embrace this colour of the season and who knows, maybe even fall in love, SRK-Kajol style!


QUES:  Dear Auburn,

I am in an all-girls college. This is the first time I’m studying in such an environment and seeing all the girls dressed so well makes me want to do something unique for myself. How can I stand out in the crowd?
-NOT just another brick in the wall

ANS: Hey Sweetheart,

I can understand what you’re going through and I’m very proud of the fact that you want to carve a niche of your own. However, your approach needs a little tweaking. Instead of trying to stand out, why not try to dress in a way that helps you turn out well? That way, you’ll be less vulnerable to a fashion fiasco or wrong attention.

Having said that, I’d advise you to never blindly follow any trends. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, natural and happy. If your clothes fare well in these criteria, you’ll definitely make an impact with your presence. Confidence is key, honey.

Also, avoid shopping at the popular brands like Mango and Forever 21. Everyone gets their clothes from there now-a-days and you’re better off not looking like the next person if you stay away from these stores. Instead, try to shop at lesser known yet decent places (like perhaps Paharganj) where you can pick up unique and exquisite clothes and accessories.


QUES:  Dear Auburn,
 I need to stock up my wardrobe for the winter months. What kind of clothes should I be buying and from where?

ANS: Dear Miss Prude,

Though I admire you for your prudence, I’d say it’s a little too early to be undertaking this Herculean task. Because

a) most markets are currently experiencing what I call ‘transit stock’. In the sense that the clothes you’ll see now are for the interim seasonal period. They’re not light enough for summer and not potent enough for winter; and

b) you’ll get better bargains if you wait for another two weeks.

When the time is right ( two or so weeks hence), you must purchase a couple of nice, light jackets for the month of November and February; thick, woolly sweaters for December and January; mufflers, gloves, ear muffs, caps and berets; boots and shoes like sneaker wedges, converse and comfy walkers and of course, do not forget to buy a nice pair of sunglasses- the winter sun is strong and you don’t want to ever underestimate it’s glare.

To buy these necessities, you must visit Sarojini Nagar Market, Majnu Ka Tilla, Kamla Nagar Market, Janpath and GK M Block Market. For branded wear, try Mango, Zara, Promod, Forever 21 and the newly opened H&M.

Remember, whatever you buy must fulfill at least the basic purpose of keeping you warm. The rest is all a bonus!


QUES:  Dear Auburn,
What is the colour of the season? Could you advice me on the type of clothes I could play around with in this colour?
-Fashionable Chica

ANS: Dear FC,
Hey honey! It’s always so nice to hear from fashion enthusiasts like you! Love the zeal!

It’s Autumn and this season is going to prevail for another month. Feel free to work with colours like plum, deep purple, oxblood or maroon, pumpkin orange and of course, my favourite, AUBURN! Black is another colour which is an any-weather, any-season favourite.

You could go for scarves, light, full sleeve shirts, polo tees and maybe even dresses in these colours. Do keep in mind that there is a slight nip in the air already, and thus, stay clear of tank tops, shorts, skirts and other scarce clothing. Summer is over and the DU exams are around the corner: do adapt accordingly.

Kriti Sharma
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Satya Niketan hosts many restaurants and is indubitably, the place where majority of the students from South Campus spend quality time and chill out. While most restaurants are theme based and slightly on the expensive side, Bake Day ensures you get the best of both worlds: a content belly and an unburnt pocket. Other than that, the vast variety in the menu can surprise you, given the affordable cuisines. The eatery serves the purpose of a bakery as well as a fast food joint. The space is a bit of an issue, but the service makes sure that people get their orders as fast as possible. Perhaps the best demanded cuisines are Bake Day’s own Combo Packages. Each Combo consists of a Burger/Pasta and a Coke. We opted for a Combo 2 which consists of a Chicken Burger Patty and a Coca Cola. The texture of the burger was juicy. The homemade sauce that is spread on the patty is delicious and the Coca Cola makes sure the food goes down into your belly with a tinge of moisture and sweetness to complement your meal. All this costs just Rs.55. We also ordered certain items from the bakery section. We ate a rum-ball, two rainbow pastries and a cream roll as well. The rum-ball was small in size, but the amount of white rum was extremely generous. The chocolate coating was delicious and the texture was great. The rainbow pastries were a bit dry, but the sharp taste of different fruits inside one pastry was commendable and finally the cream roll was equally delicious. All in all, Bake Day is extremely affordable and if you have to go on a date, on a low budget, that is probably the place. A table for two would end up costing 200 rupees. The ambience is a bit edgy, but what more would you ask for from a fast food joint this cheap? Image Credits- GoBuzzinga, Zomato Ishaan Sengupta [email protected]]]>

In the wake of the recent NSS drive in the university, the enthusiasm among students seems to have not dwindled at all. In a surprising report, around 100 saplings were found planted in a few of the first tier colleges and around 60 planted in other colleges. Though the spirit of the students is appreciable, the colleges are in a fix. With so many saplings planted in the campuses, there arises a possibility that trees will occupy half the area, leaving little space to move around. It will certainly add to the beauty of the campuses, for who does not like a green campus? But since the green-overdrive will practically cover the entire area, the authorities had to look towards an alternative to uprooting. “We cannot allow them to be uprooted or cut down in a few years. We have to find another solution,”said a faculty member of Sri Venkateswara College.

On Wednesday, the concerned authorities came to a final decision. Colleges are to have in-campus mini Botanical Gardens. The decision had to come from the VC himself. “So many trees have been planted and we had to put them to good use. I believe this is a pretty good solution,” remarked a senior teacher. The arrangement for the gardens will begin soon with the NSS volunteers taking part in their respective colleges. An ex-candidate for the Ramjas College elections said, “This is a great change. Who would have thought such over-enthusiasm would lead to this! Now we even have a reason for the stray animals running around the campus!” Well good reasons or not, in-campus gardens will certainly make other universities go green, albeit with envy,eh?

Disclaimer: Bazinga is DU Beat’s weekly column of almost-believable fake news!


Dear Auburn,
I endorse a healthy and active lifestyle. I try to inculcate physical activity through the course of my day. One thing I do quite regularly is walk to and back from college. It’s a good walk and takes about 30 minutes. To sustain this, I have to wear sneakers every single day! It makes me feel very unfashionable. Please solve my problem!

-Ms. Fitness Freak

Hey Fitness Freak. No, there really is no need for you to be so freaked and tensed! You’re doing a good thing and I’m really impressed with your ideologies on fitness. As far as your problem is concerned, Auburn does have a solution for you.

Sneakers aren’t the only things you need to limit yourself to. Even within shoes, branch out a little and try Converse, Vans or sneaker wedges. Comfortable footwear needn’t be boring. Trade your fitness shoes with funky crocs, flat chappals, ballerinas or greek sandals instead.

But you know what? Sneakers are really in! They give your outfit a cool sporty vibe and are effortlessly comfortable. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Emma Fox has been spotted sporting sneakers with jeans and shorts. Go ahead, stay fit and stylish!


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wooplr auburn umbrella

Is fashion your biggest foe? Does it intimidate you? Do you feel like a dodo when it comes to making sensible fashion choices? Do you wish to be a fashionista but aren’t sure how and where to start?
DUB introduces to you the latest fashion app, Wooplr. This app will help enhance your fashion knowledge: it will guide you through the latest fads and trends, help you customize a style for yourself, suggest shopping options and Voila! Turn you into a stunning diva! So check out the app and be prepared to rock the college scene with your new-found fashion acumen!

Hello Auburn! I’m in my second year and I’ve been crushing on my classmate for an entire semester now. After several failed attempts at trying to get her attention, I have finally gotten her to agree to go out for a movie date with me. Can you suggest some clothing options for the occasion?
-Mr. Moonstruck

Dear Mr. Moonstruck,
I’m quite impressed with your grit and patience. That your feelings for this lucky girl remained consistent for so long is laudable. Kudos to you, young man!

Now, coming to your query, let me start off by telling you that you’re in a slightly tricky spot. You need to dress to impress, yes. But you’re going for a movie, and therefore, you don’t want to look out of place in the casual ambiance of a cinema hall.

You have two options: a) Semi- Formal: A neatly ironed shirt with chinos, and

b) Casual: A hosiery T-shirt (polo or with a witty slogan/cartoon /fun print) and denims.

Choose one from the two, keeping in mind your personality, your date’s preferences and of course, your plans post the movie.

What you need to most definitely avoid are the following: pyjamas/ track pants; chappals; coloured, tight boy-band pants. If bold is your style, try going for a khadi kurta. You’ll look daper! But wear this only if you think you can carry it off.

Most importantly, wear your confidence!

wooplr auburn umbrella

Is fashion your biggest foe? Does it intimidate you? Do you feel like a dodo when it comes to making sensible fashion choices? Do you wish to be a fashionista but aren’t sure how and where to start?
Well, our dear fashion-stricken reader, we’ve got a one-stop solution to all your fashion queries! DUB introduces to you the latest fashion app, Wooplr. This app will help enhance your fashion knowledge: it will guide you through the latest fads and trends, help you customize a style for yourself, suggest shopping options and Voila! Turn you into a stunning diva! So check out the app and be prepared to rock the college scene with your new-found fashion acumen!