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A young mind is full of questions, driven with a passion to change the world, and the Right to information Act or RTI is the perfect tool for them.

Right to Information Act, from its very inception, aimed at initiating change. You ask for ‘it’ and you get ‘it’. This is the basic premise of RTI. It ensures a smooth and immediate, ‘hassle free’ flow of information.

However in Delhi University atleast, the procedure for filing an RTI is far from hassle free. As veteran RTI activist and co-ordinator of the Youth Task Force RTI- Josh4India, Aditya Prasad comments, “At times, I feel RTI is losing its charm because the authorities are not serious in implementing it and the public is not too eager to use it. The way the Commission functions and Appellate Authorities act the fight seems endless. They are making it difficult for the common man to use his right.”

In 2007, Aditya Prasad, a student of Delhi University, challenged the transparency of the newly formed internal assessment system at DU.  He filed RTI applications to get details about the internal assessment procedures followed by various colleges and universities. Universities like Indraprastha and Jamia Milia provided him with satisfactory response.

However DU and its colleges refused to cooperate. “Some colleges had the audacity to say that they were not under the RTI act. DU’s approach is vague and they have not uploaded any manual as well. They call themselves a university but every college has its own rules and regulations for giving out information.” says Aditya.

All this added up to DU’s violation of section 4 under the RTI act.

Aditya says “Under one of the provisions of Section 4 all public authorities are supposed to maintain all their records duly catalogued and indexed in a manner that facilitates the Right to Information.”

After a year full of complications, in 2008, Central Information Commission (CIC) hauled up DU and its affiliated colleges for not implementing section 4 of the Right to Information Act (RTI).

A deadline of 14th November 2008 was assigned to DU to update all of its online manuals, publish copies for public reference and make sure that all the colleges do the same by November 14.

“Since then, till now, we have had no concrete change. In January2007, I wrote several applications for non compliance of the CIC orders but to no avail” says Aditya.

In his crusade for the RTI he has been threatened to the extent of failing him in his University examinations. But, that till now, hasn’t deterred him from taking these steps.

On June 7th of this year CIC along with Delhi University conducted a seminar for the Principals of various Delhi University colleges regarding the necessary implementation of the RTI act.

As we keep our fingers crossed, Aditya says, “Hope it works this time!”


Q) A girl in my class has suddenly started acting weird around me. She’s very touchy-feely and keeps saying bizarre things that make me very uncomfortable. I think she has a crush on me… how do I make her understand that I’m not “that” type without being rude? Oh, I’m female myself, by the way.

A) Ah, the perils of being attractive…sigh. I feel you, little one (and no pun at all intended, no no!) In my time it was just the boys but what with section 377 being repealed and all, this is just going to be doubly hard for you young ones!

Hmm, now to your problem. It is a tricky situation to land yourself into. Try making your sexuality clear with subtle hints like gushing over the college hottie – the MALE hottie, mind you! If her affections see no trace of ebbing even after that, you should gently tell her that you would prefer a little less of physical contact. In case that doesn’t work too, then, my dear, there are but two options. Either you tell her on her face without mincing words that you are not interested in her, or get a boyfriend! But word of advice – before you take any extreme steps, do make sure that the poor girl is actually “that type” as you put it and not just an unassuming, over-friendly soul.

Q) I have an absolutely gorgeous cousin and I’ve lately started developing feelings for her. But I’m so scared to act on them because she’s a relation and all… What to do?

A) Aiyyo. Feelings for cousins is not a very good thing, rama rama! For one, if you start a relationship with her and eventually it turns out all wrong, things could get very awkward for both you in the future because you are bound to keep bumping into each other at all family gatherings. Also, I don’t know about your family, but usually a lot of parents wouldn’t encourage inter-family love-shuv so everything will have to be done with the utmost secrecy which can get pretty taxing, my dear. If your feelings for said cousin are particularly strong and you really think being with her is worth taking all the above-mentioned risks however, I suppose you should go for it and talk it out with her. If she feels the same, well and good. But if not, take it with a pinch of salt and save those feelings of yours for the next gorgeous girl you meet (preferably outside the family this time!) All the best!

Creative writing
Fancy yourself as a writer? Looking forward to letting those creative juices flow this year? DU is reputed for its versatile and brilliant ECA. Creative writing as an extra curricular activity in DU does get its share of opportunity if not ample attention.
However, this does not imply that there is no scope for budding writers in the varsity. Numerous intra and inter college activities are conducted throughout the year to hone this talent. Literary associations of colleges, some more active than others, have a major role to play in this. Creative writing competitions are part and parcel of almost every Delhi University festival. An opportunity to showcase your writing prowess is offered in inter university festivals like Antaragini and Rendezvous as well.
English departments throughout the varsity also organize departmental literary fests, where writing competitions are often the highlight of the event. One of the most famous writing competitions in DU is Flair, the literary event conducted by Hindu college. It is a short story writing competition for which entries are invited in October and November and the best entries are published in a journal dedicated to Flair that comes out in July.
An emerging trend in creative writing competitions these days is the use of visual and one line prompts. Creative freedom is offered to the participants as the format ranges from free verse, short story , script writing to poetry.

Inter and intra college writing talent is also inculcated through the medium of college magazines. Students often find a mode of self-expression via these magazines and journals. Some colleges like MirandaHouse and JMC even have a separate prize/scholarship for students who have shone exceptionally in this field.
Truly a writer at heart? Keep an eye out for Wordspill, DU Beat’s upcoming creative writing competition.

With a deadline of December this year, Delhi University’s Institute of Life long learning is preparing to make lectures and some of the best course content available online.
The Human Resource development Ministry has awarded ILLL a 2 crore pilot project to develop e content for 14 papers of seven discipline. The list includes mathematics, botany, chemistry, economics, history and commerce.
The project is a step in the direction of ILLL’s Rs 100 crore proposal to set up a national centre for e-content development for the undergraduate and postgraduate courses under the University Grants Commission’s Model Curricula.
If the plan is successfully implemented, it would bring about a significant change in the field of higher learning as the best content and lectures would be accessible to eligible students throughout the country. Furthermore undergraduate and post -graduate studies would be available under the same roof.
E learning would also enable students of any college to access lectures on different topics. In addition to providing information about a particular topic , the e portal would include video lectures, online quizzes, animations, simulations to help students achieve a better level of understanding.
The e-learning material would include certain value additions to the traditional content such as a glossary of difficult terms, common misconceptions, pop-ups, points to ponder, web links etc
The major concern regarding the implementation of this measure has been that there might be a compromise in the quality of education provided. The varsity is however planning to set up an internal quality assurance cell to assess, monitor and enhance quality standards.
According to Vice -Chancellor, DU, Deepak Pental, “We are not even in the top 10 Asian Universities despite having all the programmes, faculty and infrastructure. There’s need for enhancing quality on all fronts and we’d like to have an internal mechanism for this. We would like to compare our university with global standards for which we may even consider inviting an international agency. The academic council would be consulted for its opinion before we proceed on this.”

Dean of students’ welfare : 27667092

Email: [email protected]

DTC head office: 01128855125 (Scindia House)

JAGORI Safe Delhi Campaign team: 26691219/ 20 ext – 30

Auto rickshaw complaint number : 23378888

Tiffin services at reasonable rates:
North Campus
Sri Sai Caterers,
KD-228 Pritampura
Tel. 9811138031, 011-65135345
Price: Rs. 60 per meal (Only vegetarian food served)

South Campus
Red Chillie Caterers,
15/2, Kalkaji
Tel. 9810733631
Price: Rs. 50 per meal (Vegetarian food)
Rs. 65 per meal (Non Vegetarian food)

NSS chairman (Prof. R.S.Mann): 27667474

Vice Chancellor         27667011, 27667190         27667049

Pro-Vice Chancellor         27667899, 27667758

Dean of Colleges :27667066,     27666642

Director, South Campus         27662865        24116876

Director, Campus Open Learning :     27667041, 27667799

Registrar:         27667853 ,       27666350

Controller of Exams:     27667934, 27666348

Toll free anti-ragging helpline number:1800-180-5522

Email is [email protected]

A fresh new year and a fresh new bunch of fests to look forward to! We bring to you the ECA calendar of the year that was so that you can get an idea of all the fun that’s in store for you this session.

BITS Pilani

Oasis, the annual cultural festival of BITS, Pilani is an eagerly awaited event and sees a high level of participation among DU colleges. Known for its energy and rock nights, it is also one of the biggest competitions for most ECA societies, especially western dance and fashion.

Jaipur literary festival

The Jaipur literary fest is the biggest of its kind not only in India, but all of Asia. It is a celebration of national and international writers and encompasses a wide range of activities including film, music and theatre as well as readings, talks, literary lunches, debates, children’s workshops and so on. Last year it was attended by the likes of Aamir Khan, Anoushka Shankar, Moni Mohsin and Fatima Bhutto. This year, expected bigwigs include William Dalrymple, Amitabh Bachchan, Bashrat Peer and Advaita Kala among others.

IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi’s ‘Rendezvous’ is among the largest cultural college festivals in Northern India with participation from over 400 colleges and attendance from over 30,000 students. Though all its events are equally thrilling, their rock show ‘Blitzkrieg’ definitely takes the cake with its eclectic performances.

IIT Kanpur

Antaragini is IIT Kanpur’s much talked about annual cultural fiesta. Watch out for their drama and music events which are a big hit among DU colleges. Apart from them, the other events like the fashion show, panel discussions, essay writing competitions, workshops etc. are also not to be missed. Once again, IIT Kanpur also hosts a brilliant rock show.

Old World Theatre festival

Another highly anticipated event, the Old World Theatre festival showcases the best of drama from across Delhi University. Last year, many plays from various colleges made it including ‘MacWho’ from Venky, ‘Line mein lago’ from KMC and ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ from LSR. This is a must watch for all theatre addicts!

Let’s not forget our own college fests in the flurry of out-station events, shall we? Now, onto some of the notable DU fests!

Tarang, the LSR festival is one of the most energetic carnivals in DU. Competition levels here are pretty high with all the top colleges in and around the University vying for the coveted awards. The same can be said for Nexus, Sri Venkateswara College’s annual fest which draws a huge crowd every year. Last year saw performances by Euphoria and their own hugely popular college band – Fire Exit. Their play, “MacWho” was also a big hit. Crossroads, SRCC’s fest had a wide range of events ranging from the usual dramatics, music, debate competitions and such but also including adventure sports like zorbing and rafting. Performances by Advaita and Kay Kay were major crowd pullers too.

With all the fests being such roaring successes last year, we wonder what they have planned this time around. Going by their track record though, we’re sure they’ll surpass their own standards and surprise us again. Here’s to another great, exciting, fun-filled DU year!

5. “What’s your problem?”

“Nosy jerks asking stupid questions. Yours?”

4. “Go to hell”

“Funny way of inviting people over to your place, but ok!”

3. “Get lost”

“No, my phone has GPRS”

2. “Fuck you”

“You wish”

1. “Shut up”


Which DU college do you actually belong to?
1.    Which of the following would you prefer your college had?
a.    Beautiful Campus and lawns
b.    Great Infrastructure- high tech classrooms, etc.
c.    Societies that do really well.
d.    Super Reputation

2.    How do you like to dress up?
a.    Impeccably. Have to look my best every day.
b.    Don’t really care. Whatever I can get my hand on.
c.    PJs. I literally like the right-out-of-bed look
d.    All of the above on different days

3.    Which is your favourite animal among the following
a.    Cats
b.    Dogs
c.    Rats
d.    Monkeys

4.    Which is your favourite whacky ritual?
a.    Getting thrown in a mud pit during Holi
b.    Pagan worship
c.    Planting saplings and then watching them die
d.    Forcefully being made to participate in sports day reminiscent of school.

5.    How do you like to socialize with people from other colleges?
a.    We prefer to socialize within college
b.    Visiting other colleges at  times other than the fests
c.    Fests only
d.    At a common watering-hole kind of place

6.    What is your religious inclination?
a.    Christianity
b.    Sikhism or sports
c.    Pagan
d.    Worshipping the general category

7.    What would you rather do?
a.    Not go to the toilet and hold it in all day
b.    Attend assembly everyday
c.    Flirt with danger and therefore pigs amidst the swine flu scare
d.    Lose weight by going on frequent hunger strikes

Check your answers. Whichever college re-occurs the most is your result.
1.    a-LSR, Stephen’s,JMC, IP, Miranda. b-SRCC c- Hindu, KMC, Ramjas, Venky, Hansraj. d-Stephen’s, SRCC, Hindu ,LSR
2.    a-LSR  b- Hindu, Stephen’s hansraj, kmc, srcc c-venky d-jmc
3.    a-Stephen’s b-Hindu c- LSR d- JMC
4.    a-Stephen’s b- South campus c-North campus d-off campus
5.    a- Stephen’s, JMCc, b-Khalsa c-Hindu d-Stephen’s, d-SRCC
6.    a- Venky, Hindu b- Stephen’s, JMC c-Dyal Singh d-LSR