Acrylica 2.0: Annual Fest of Shivaji College’s Fine Arts Society

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Vibgyor, the Fine Arts Society of Shivaji College, in association with sponsorship partner Shopper’s Stop and media partners DU Beat, DU Express, DU Vibe, and DU Updates, was successful in conducting their second annual fest, Acrylica 2.0, on 20th September, 2017.
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Starting from competitions to the workshop conducted by Mr. Abhimanyu Sinha to exhibition, there was never a dull moment for the participants. They also introduced their first online competition, Sketch-Doo-Paint, reaching new heights. Digitoons, the workshop by Mr. Abhimanyu Sinha, a Digital and Political Cartoonist, gave an insight to what Digital Cartooning is all about through live showcasing using the medium of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
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The event ended on a relaxing note with everyone admiring and enjoying the exhibition put up by the society members.

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