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Delhi University Proposes a 10-marks ‘Special Moderation’ to Allow Students to Finish Their Course

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For students who fail in a single paper and are unable to finish their degree, Delhi University (DU) will look into offering a special moderation of up to 10 marks. Students who demonstrate good explanations for their failure on the papers will be eligible for this relief.

Delhi University has proposed a unique arrangement that would allow students to finish their degrees even if they have exhausted all attempts but were unable to pass one paper. Students will be granted a final moderation of 10 marks irrespective of any grace marks already applied. This proposal will be presented before the DU’s Academic Council on Thursday.

The document further states that since the implementation of National Education Policy Undergraduate Curriculum Framework-2022, students have been able to get a diploma or a certificate for their respective course if they were unable to complete their degree within the specified period of seven years. Delhi University allows students a span period of 6 years, starting from the year of admission, to complete all the course requirements for the degree. The university has proposed to set up a committee to evaluate requests from students who have exceeded their span period. It states

“The situation becomes particularly challenging for students who have passed all course requirements except for a single paper due to the adverse circumstances faced by student/s preventing them from completing the degree,”

The document was prepared by Ajay Arora, the officer on special duty at the examination branch. He added,

“Earlier if someone couldn’t complete the honours programme, they could only be given a BA programme degree. As semester and other systems came in, there was a need for a system to give students another chance. This special relief may be extended even to students who have exhausted all their opportunities for special chance examinations as granted/ as may be granted by the university’’

The university has also decided to prepare a special proposal for students who elapsed their span period during the COVID 19 pandemic, taking into account the challenges posed to the students such as limited access to resources, and several health-related concerns causing significant stress to the students due to their academic situation.

“Providing them with this opportunity will contribute to their mental well-being and relieve their academic burden” the document stated.

This provision will be discussed by a committee of academic advisors, faculty and administrators to evaluate such requests. Students who wish to avail this have submit an application clearly stating valid reasons for span period extension, the proposal stated.

Image Credits: Hindustan Times


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