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Delhi University’s Proposed Dual Degree Program: Blend of Distance learning and In-Person classes

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Delhi University is set to launch combined degree programs, catering to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The initiative involves enabling students to pursue a degree through conventional in-person classes alongside another degree, through the distance learning mode.

Furthermore, the university is looking into partnerships with international educational institutions, offering students the opportunity to complete a semester abroad and gain credits applicable to their degree. Moreover, the university will explore the potential for collaborative PhD programs. Students keen on pursuing two degrees simultaneously can communicate their interest to the university through their department head or college principal. 

As per the National Education Policy 2020, Delhi University established a committee to expand upon the possibilities of offering a joint degree to both undergraduates and postgraduates. They have proposed  granting one degree through regular mode and another, through the distance education program. 

In the upcoming meeting scheduled on 30 November, a document will be put forward by the academic council stating that, 

“Students cannot pursue similar academic courses simultaneously, such as B.Com(H) and B.Com (P) even though one of them is intended to be pursued in ODL/online mode. Students so permitted to pursue two academic degree programs simultaneously shall fulfill all the academic degree programs simultaneously shall fulfill all the academic requirements such as attendance, internal assessment, continuous assessments, submissions of assignments, presentations, and examination of the two academic programmes independently,”.

Effectively, the willing students can enroll and obtain information for the proposed programs from the respective departments and the administration. 

Another major issue to be discussed in the meeting is regarding the, 

“Twinning degree program with Foreign Higher Education Institution (FHEI) is a degree program where students enrolled in any course in the University of Delhi or its colleges shall be allowed to pursue study for a university and earn credits from the host institution which shall be accounted to secure the requisite credits for grant of such degree to which he/she has been enrolled the parent university.” 

This runs parallel with the Indian initiative to garner further opportunities for students to have international exposure through which they get to spend one semester in a foreign university with a lower bracket of a minimum of 18 credits and a higher bracket of 26 credits. This opens the gates for the doctoral students to get joint PhD degrees if the consultation among the stakeholders reaches a binding conclusion. 

Divya Malhotra 

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