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Auburn- How to Make Your Winter Wardrobe More Colourful

Why does winter have to be the season of beige, grey and early sunrises? Here are a few easy ways to incorporate colour in your winter fits that could potentially banish seasonal depression.

Are you tired of wearing the same monotonous coats, jackets and hoodies that look as lifeless as the weather right now? Incorporating colour in your wardrobe can be a serious mood booster, and help make dressing up 10 times more fun. We’ve compiled a few ways to incorporate spring colours in your winter clothes, to help carry over some of that liveliness to this season too!

  • Colourful pants

One criminally underrated way to spice up your outfits is by investing in colourful pants. Ditch the usual blue and black denim for bottomless in bright, bold colours. Not only will this allow you to rewear outfits in your closet in a new way, but it will also add some serious Pinterest energy to your entire fit.

  • Colourful Outerwear- Neutral sweaters and black jackets are classics, but in additional to these- colourful Outerwear like blazers, sweaters and sweater vests in bright colours like purple, pink, green- these are statements pieces that can be paired with other pieces in your wardrobe, thus making them versatile.

Here’s one way to style a colourful blazer for further inspiration!

  • Bags- If incorporating colour in your clothes is too intimidating, try introducing it through accessories! Bags in bright colours are a super easy way to introduce a fun pop of colour in your outfit and make it look more vibrant.

Another way to introduce colour is through hair accessories. Bucket hats, hair scarfs- or just scarfs in general- the list is endless.

  • Funky Sweaters- Easily the best way to brighten up your look, brightly coloured, printed sweaters are your best friends this winter. Available across thrift stores, Urbanic and other online stores- they’re a super cute way to jazz up your outfit!

Apart from bright sweaters, cardigans give you a lot of room for styling too!

We hope these tips on how to incorporate colour in your winter wardrobe help you cheer up this season! Life is way too short to wear neutrals all the time, experimenting with colour could be the perfect way to build a versatile closet!

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