Sex Amma on Pregnancy: Conceptions & Misconceptions

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Along with the angel of conceptions, the twin of misconceptions is around pregnancy. No subject of this world is spared from its presence including sex. For this week, Amma takes a look at the popular misconceptions associated with conceiving.

My beautiful idlis,

Many of you, my cute maachis have written to me on how scared you are to cook sambhar with your medu vadas because of the popular yet unverified statements associated with the cooking of sambhar and conceiving. Some of you are so frighteningly scared of becoming pregnant even without cooking sambhar due to some ‘gossip’ that you had once heard. Even though I would love to be a nani but the misconceptions which are giving you sleepless nights will neither make you an amma nor me, a nani.

Idlis, let’s have a sneak peek into some of the popular misbeliefs that are hovering over our minds since eternity.

Fingering can Cause Pregnancy: 

My cute kuzhambus, the above statement is both true and untrue in nature. Your pregnancy via fingering depends on what your medu vada has got on his fingers. While preparing the masalas for the sambhar, traces of jizz might be present on your medu vada’s fingers and fingering with those might lead to pregnancy. Fingering with clean hands will not cause any worry. So, experience the joy of getting fingered and fingering but with attention. (wink!)

Jizz on a Toilet Seat Roots to Pregnancy:

You don’t have to worry about this, my mini idlis. Jizz on a toilet seat cannot cause pregnancy as the jizz cannot survive while residing in a toilet seat or any other such thing. Once it becomes dry, it dies. It needs moist surroundings to exist which a toilet seat doesn’t possess.

Oral Sex Lead to Conceptions: 

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Oral sex is that one sexual affair that will not result in conception. My cute machlis, let your body experience the pleasures of oral sex without any hesitation or worry about being pregnant as jizz doesn’t get anywhere near your hidden yoni during this process. Also, there is no linkage between your gastrointestinal tract and your reproductive system, so if you ate the sambhar while making love to your medu vadas, it is completely fine!

Pull-Out is a Safe Method of Contraception:

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Amma does not approve of the pull-out method as it possesses chances of making her mini idli an Amma! It is onerous to match the timing of ejaculation with the removal of the arati from the yoni and might result in pre-ejaculation. Also, the low level of sperm in pre-ejaculation paves the path for pregnancy even without adequate deposits of jizz in the yoni.

Anal Sex doesn’t Cause Pregnancy:

This holds an exception within itself, my cute idlis. Since the vaginal opening and the anus are situated immensely close to each other, hence there is always a chance for the semen to flow into the former. So, enjoy with care!

Pregnancy can be Prevented by Vaginal Cleaning:

Do not get fooled by such hilarious statements, my kuzhambus. The implantation of jizz gets deep rooted in your reproductive system which is not possible to be removed by mere cleaning of the vagina. Douching won’t help either, machlis. 

My idlis, these were the myths that Amma thought were necessary to be busted. Follow the required tips and discard the unnecessary ones from your mind. Keep on cooking sambhars with love, wildness and presence of mind. Do not forget your Amma as well!

With love,

Sex Amma

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