Sex Amma: Into The World of Vulvodynia

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A quotidian experience in the lives of numerous women, both young and aged; Amma is here to share her take to make sure it doesn’t hamper your sex life!

Dear Idlis,

A few of you, my cute macchis have been revealing to me about the sensation of pain around the opening of your vaginas on a regular basis or while trying to pleasure yourselves or when your handsome medu vada tries to touch it while cooking up the delicious meal of sambhar for my idli.

No need to worry my macchis as your Amma is here for you, always. A medical condition in nature, the experience of chronic pain around the opening of your vagina is termed as ‘vulvodynia’ and more than 1 million idlis per year suffer from this; with many of them, shying away to disclose the same to their doctors. The pain, irritation or burning sensation becomes unbearable when an idli sits at one place for a long period of time and sex seems like an impossible journey to travel.

My smart idlis do not shy away when you encounter symptoms such as burning, itching, sourness or stinginess around the vaginal opening coupled with painful intercourse with your cute dosa. The pain might be a temporary friend that only makes its entrance when my little idli is provoked while for some idlis, it has become their best friend that makes one feel his/her presence always even without any provocation.

In the same way, some macchis might feel the stinging sensation in their entire vaginal area while some bear the not-so-desirable feeling only around their vaginal opening. One can decipher a similar condition known as vestibulodynia where pain occurs only when pressure is applied for penetration around the entrance of the vagina.

Causes for the above medical condition has still not been deciphered by the doctors but they have delineated some of the factors why my macchis are going through the situation such as hormonal changes, injury to or irritation of the nerves surrounding your vulvar region, allergies or sensitivity skin, past vaginal infections and muscle spasm or weakness in the pelvic floor, which supports the uterus, bladder and bowel.

While vulvodynia can act as a barrier in your sex life, it can also be seen as the beholder of several emotional complications as well such as the birth of another medical condition known as vaginismus due to the bottling up of the fear of sex, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, sexual dysfunction, etcetera; thus making my little idli forlorn. But, don’t worry while Amma prepares for you the remedy curry!

First things first, Amma would advise you to immediately see a doctor or seek a referral for a gynaecologist for the same. Be frank to your gynaecologist about the area of pain, the intensity of pain and the history of your medical life if any; with the aftermath treatment following medications, counselling, physical therapies, etcetera.

My idlis on your part, avoid wearing tight undergarments. Choose cotton ones over any other cloth material. Whenever you wash your malar, make sure you do it with plain water without the usage of any soap or lubricant that will be harsh on your delicate skin. When you try to cook sambhar along with your dosa, use an unflavoured lubricant and also, don’t force yourself to do it just to maintain your relationship. If the pain persists, talk to your dosa and I am sure, my dosa will listen and understand you. Most importantly, make sure you get enough sleep and don’t take too much stress, my macchis!

So, Amma is done for the week on this important yet hidden topic that most of my macchis face daily. If you have any further sex-related doubts, just ping me up.

Wishing all of my macchis and idlis, a healthy genital well-being!

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With love,

Sex Amma

[email protected]

Feature Image Credits: Uncomfortable Revolution

Write to me your sex-related queries at [email protected] and Amma will sort them for you!

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