Bazinga: After SVC, Talks of Khalsa College to be Affiliated to Punjab University

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On Friday morning, 5th March 2021, the CM of Punjab, Captain Amrinder Singh wrote to the Union Education Minister asking him to disaffiliate the SGTB Khalsa College from the Delhi University, and instead affiliate it to the Punjab University.

Earlier this week, the CM of Andhra Pradesh had also written to the Union Education Minister, asking him to affiliate Sri Venkateswara College to Andhra University. In a similar pattern, on 5th March 2021, the CM of Punjab has also urged the Union Education Minister to affiliate SGTB Khalsa College to Punjab University. CM had allegedly written that it would help strengthen the state’s higher education system, increasing the country’s education merit as a whole.

The government is all set to hold a round table meeting with the admins of all the universities involved to decide the fate of these colleges. However, nothing has been specified by the Delhi University’s administration or by the government regarding this matter.

I don’t even know how to react to this. It’s such an absurd idea. I don’t think the government or the DU admin should entertain these applications by inviting them for a round table meeting. I’ll not be surprised if the CM of Haryana claims Ramjas College next. What’s even more irritating is the fact that the DU admin is clarifying none of the details, no information or no official notice has been released to date.

Ashok Mehta, a professor from SGTB Khalsa College

Delhi University’s acting VC has assured the students to not panic and wait for the official decision. The students are actively staging protests against the administration. The student council of Khalsa College has called for a protest on Monday outside the college main gate. They also have plans to demonstrate outside the acting VC’s residence. Moreover, students from SVC are now protesting alongside the students from SGTB Khalsa College. They are boycotting classes, signing petitions and mailing the VC about their concerns.

Khalsa College has been affiliated to the Delhi University since 1951, from the very beginning. How can the Punjab Government expect Delhi University to give up one of its colleges to Punjab University? It just doesn’t make any sense. Moreover, there’s so much confusion about everything. Nobody has clarity over the issue.

Jashanpreet Singh, a third-year student from SGTB Khalsa College.

Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is only to be appreciated and not accepted.

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