Bazinga: DU Reduces Freshers’ Syllabus for End-Term Examinations

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The Delhi University administration announced that they would reduce the syllabus for the freshers by 30% for them to be able to manage their studies during the lockdown. 

On 19 February 2021, Delhi University released a notification in which they announced that they would reduce 30 per cent of the syllabus for first-year students for all the courses. The reason for this which was stated in the notification was that students did not have any classroom experience and the shift from school to college in a virtual setup was tough for them.

While contacting first-year students, a sense of relief was observed amongst everyone as most of the students were very worried as to how they would be able to cope with the increasing pressure of studies while focusing on co-curricular in college as well.

“This is huge news, we weren’t totally expecting this at all!!! I am really thankful for the DU to implement this change considering the fact that adjusting to college is tough in the 1st place only and now we are in a pandemic, hence focusing on academics is getting really tough.

Anonymous Student of Hansraj College, 1st Year 

Many students were surprised about the fact that the administration went ahead and agreed to implement this change considering the fact that there was no demand from the students as such, but still, the administration went ahead and took this decision.

“I am really shocked that the DU administration went ahead and took this decision by themselves considering the fact that there was no aggressive protest made regarding this. It is really heartening to see that the DU administration is actually concerned about the well being of the students. I have never seen DU make a decision like this in my college life ever.

Anonymous Student of Miranda House, 2nd Year 

Professors are also happy with this decision as they are also finding it hard to introduce college curriculum to 1st-year students virtually and for them, this burden has been slightly reduced too.

We also contacted a professor of a distinguished college in DU as well to understand her perspective on this issue.

“I am really happy with this decision since everyone in our college’s faculty was finding it really difficult to help students adjust to the curriculum of the college. This decision by the administration has made our job much easier.”

Professor, Delhi University 

For many students and professors, this is a concern, as well as most of them, feel that the students might miss out on the curriculum which they were looking forward to studying and which might help in their studies for 2nd year.

“This is a very callous move from the administration? Have they even thought about what to remove from the syllabus and what not to? And also what about the fact that the students are being derived from the education which is their right and which they might need for the future? These are the questions which the administration seriously needs to focus upon.”

2nd Year Anonymous Student, Delhi University 

DU has officially not released any details about what should be removed from the syllabus and what should not be removed. This news has garnered mixed reaction across all the spectrums, but it is to be seen whether or not it is ultimately beneficial for the 1st year students.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is only to be appreciated and not accepted.

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