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DU Releases Notification Regarding Revaluation After B.A English (Hons) Result

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With various faults and inconsistencies in the marking of B.A. (Hons) English papers, University of Delhi (DU) releases a notification regarding the revaluation after students identify  certain flaws in the result.

The release of the B.A (Hons) English result came as a shock to many students due to the severe inconsistencies in the result of students from all the semesters. The inconsistencies have come in the form of a severe dip in the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) of many students. A vast majority of students have revealed that they have gotten 1.5 or 2 Grade Points less then what they get. The suspicion lies on the administration for conducting a hasty evaluation process.

With the outcry rising, DU released a statement saying that those who could not apply for revaluation because of the closure of the University due to the pandemic can submit it now. The University has given time till 26 May 2020. Students have been asked to print revaluation forms fill it and email it. They have also been asked to scan and email their revaluation forms, admit cards, copy of marksheet, and a copy of the fee receipt. While this seems like a good way for English Honours and other students to get their results rectified, there are certain privileges and apathy shown by the Administration in this move.

A Press Release by All India Students Association (AISA) expressing solidarity with the students of B.A (Hons) English points out that the method is inaccessible to a lot of students. It says that “ the admin expects all students to have access to internet, printers,scanners and all their documents (Admit Cards, IDs, etc), completely ignoring the health crisis, lockdown, and financial positions of a vast number of students in DU.” It also points out that the last day gives the student a short time to apply, and the fee of Rs.1000 makes it impossible for a lot of students in their current financial condition due to the lockdown to apply. The statement ends with pointing out how mass failures are the burden of the University not the students and for the conduct of free revaluation for all students.

AISA eng hon statement

Damni Kain, a student activist and a student in DU points out several other negative impacts of the results and the revaluation process suggested. She says “ As a student, I find this very disappointing to see how our hardwork of an entire year is mocked by absolute negligence at the hand of the administration. The effect won’t be limited to just an year’s result but the result of our graduation in totality. Further, those aspiring for Masters in Delhi University through marks-based system have almost lost an opportunity. With no fault of ours, we’re made to face the worst amidst a terrible pandemic. To this, the several restrictions and rules placed on re-evaluation makes it impossible for us to go for it. This is an anti-student move which needs to be condemned and taken back if we wish to maintain the ethos of a university system.”


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