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DU to Make Upcoming Admission Process Fully Online

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the University of Delhi (DU) admission process for the year 2020-21 is likely to go fully online.

In these tough times, one of the group which is suffering significantly is the present batch of 2021-2022. Considering the difficult situation and attempting to avoid any losses to them, the Delhi University is planning to make its entire admission process online for this year. Unlike, last time when students had to visit their respective colleges for document verification, this time they will rather be asked to upload the soft copies during the filling of forms, and get them verified later in July when the session commences.

The admission department also suggested of reducing the cut-offs but the final decision is yet to be declared. Shobha Bagai, the admission department head said, “Earlier, students had to go to college and get their original documents verified, but since we are in this situation we will ask them to upload their documents on the website.” However Rajesh Jha, executive council member expressing his disapproval towards the suggested process said, “Delhi University has a large number of colleges and courses. If students do a lot of reshuffling in the process of admission, then it will be cumbersome. Also, there are a large number who don’t have internet facilities.”

Harsh Malik, a student of Ahlcon International School, of the present batch said,” It would be really helpful if the process is made online. With everything happening we have already encountered enough academic strains and difficulties. Making the admission process online will make the application process easier or rather possible for everyone.” However, another student of the same school said,”It would be easier only for those students who have a stable internet connection at their homes, for all the others it would be unfair and would not ensure equal opportunity.” There is also a suggestion of creating help centres in colleges, for the aid of students facing an internet crisis and network issues, for better accessibility.

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