Com’Acumen 2020 By Jesus & Mary College

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A Day to Remember – Com’Acumen 2020
~By Angela Thomas & Ana S. Thomas

Through the chilling wind, walking through puddles and the sticky mud, you could see excited, smiling faces setting up decorations for the event as they’had all been waiting for, Com’Acumen 2020. The Commerce Department of Jesus & Mary College had been working on their amazing annual event for sometime now and 17th January, 2020 was the day everybody’s hard work bore its fruit.

With an inaugural ceremony that included the release of The Mercurian Times’ first e-magazine, an inspiring address by some eminent personalities like Ms. Ankita Bhambhri & Mr. Ankur Dhama and some enthralling cultural performances, the auditorium could be seen bubbling with enthusiasm.

Events ranging from our annually held Amazing Race, which was conducted for its seventh season, to newer events like Comnovation, were all well-received and fetched us more than 100 registrations. For the lone wolves out there, Biztopia was their go-to event and the Corporate Triathlon was for all the commerce fanatics looking for enjoyment . With cash prizes up for grabs, competition was intense and so was the fun. We didn’t leave out anyone; so for all the food lovers out there, we set up some exciting stalls, preparing an array of hot & delectable food on-the-spot, to deliver us from not only our hunger pangs but also our desert cravings. An engaging flashmob was organized by a group of students from our department and everyone enjoyed dancing away on some all-time-favorite Bollywood songs.

Fun and games apart, the Commerce Department had also organized an afternoon to look forward to with artists like Mr. Poshak Dua who spooked us with his scientific mind readings, to Mr. Shivam Grover who entertained the crowd through his performance of various songs; we were grateful to all those who made this event possible. But just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the Folking Desi Bhangra Group won over each of our hearts, with their energetic performance, their passion for Bhangra and their radiant smiles. Through their workshop, they gave us an opportunity to learn their art and taught us about how dance was so much more than just steps, it had to come from within.

Though this day was tiring, it made all the hard work seem worth the effort for every individual. Com’Acumen 2020 was the very first for some of our students and the last for some of our others; but through it all, working together with each other and looking at all the smiling faces, it made us realize that we had way more friends than we knew, which had made our college memories a lot more sweeter for us to cherish!IMG-20200121-WA0019




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