Project RISE Enabling Self-Empowerment of Students

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The urge to contribute to her college community while also getting herself familiarized with students with disability led Amiti Gupta, a sophomore student of English at the University of Delhi, to join project RISE. Over the course of three months, she not only formed bonds but also broke down misconceptions as she interacted with the students in the workshops she conducted as a trainer.

Reflecting on the teaching and learning experience, Amiti says, “I quickly realized that I needed to form a more humane connection with them and become friends while being professional at the same time. I got to know them on a personal level where they were comfortable enough to share with me their strengths and weaknesses. I hope Project RISE was able to better the students professional as well personal aspects increasing their confidence levels as it did mine.”

Amiti came with the thought that the students needed her help. Yet the experience has shown her how self-sufficient the students are themselves. With the hope of making a difference, Amiti is committed to the journey of enabling self- empowerment of the students.

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