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Student of Hansraj College Assaulted during a Protest Against CAA-NRC inside the Campus

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Students of Hansraj College came together to protest against CAA-NRC and demanded an inquiry into the incident involving the assault of a fellow student.

The students had given a call for dressing up in black, reading the preamble and singing the National Anthem to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) on 15th January 2020.

On 13th January 2020, students had tried staging a gathering and reading the preamble along with Swami Vivekananda’s famous Chicago speech, but the administration had intervened and dispersed the students who had gathered at Lovers’ Point in Hansraj College. Interestingly, no such active intervention took place when a pro-CAA demonstration took place in the college ground on the same day.

Because of this outbreak, the students decided to collect in the college cafeteria, albeit not collectively. At 12:50 p.m. on a signal by a student, everyone rose and sang the National Anthem and read the Preamble in unison. This way, the students of Hansraj were able to register their dissent in a democratic and peaceful manner despite efforts by the Administration to quell it.

Amidst everything, a third-year student was assaulted by a College Faculty member on 13th January, regarding which the students have filed a complaint with the Principal. The Principal informed the students that a disciplinary committee has been formed to look into the matter and requested the students to wait for two days.

The students held a meeting and decided to take the matter up to the Delhi Police and higher authorities in the University Administration should the college further delay action, while resolving to continue fighting against the recent regime.


Feature Image Credits : DU Beat Archives

Khush Vardhan Dembla

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