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Productive Activities for a Better Self

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With the vacations upon us, here’s a piece on how you can make them more productive, not only for your own development but for enriching the lives of others!

Here is a list of activities you can do in these holidays, for a healthier and happier self!

  1. Join NGOs

NGOs are great places for development and introspection of oneself. They make you realise your privilege and the kind places you come from with the best of all facilities. NGOs make your heart melt and become a person more empathetic towards the society. So this winter break, spend some time to give back to the community. Be it any NGO right from animal rescue to taking care of senior citizens. Make this break worth the while.

  1. Volunteer!

As exciting as it sounds, volunteering for events is a very learning process. Not only it shapes a person but also helps in developing the various parts of their personality they never knew they had to themselves. Right from organisational skills to event management, volunteering is a great exercise to get in to.

  1. Teach Children

There is no greater joy than the one you receive after you see education opening up the hearts of the people around you, especially the children when you see the twinkle in their eyes. Go out, bring the season’s cheers upon the hearts of the underprivileged kids you see in your neighbourhood. You don’t have to teach them everyday, but keep teaching them something or the other frequently; that keeps them hopeful and restores their faith of kindness still existing in the world.

  1. Take Care of the Stray Animals

Tiniest actions such as feeding them biscuits in this harsh winter will give them the love they seek outside. Go a good deed by acknowledging their existence and bring warmth to your heart and of the furballs you spot in your neighbourhood!

  1. Organise Cleanliness Drives

For a cleaner, safer and healthier future, it is important that we start taking actions from today itself. Work for the mission of a cleaner India by organising small cleanliness drives in your place. Get along with your friends in a group and educate people, because at the end of the day, alone we are so little, together, we can do so much.

  1. Stay Fit!

Participate in the various marathons, and do not forget to exercise regularly (even though the idea brings the chills!) for it’s important to stay fit.

Continuing these activities will surely result in a healthy college life and personal life balance. So, aim for ending this year positively, will all the good deeds backing you up for a brighter and beautiful year ahead!


Feature Image Credits: Scopio

Amrashree Mishra

[email protected]

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