Parwarish Cares Foundation Celebrates a Milestone in It’s mission AAO BAAT KAREIN

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Parwarish Cares Foundation is the non-profit wing of Parwarish Institute of parenting Private Limited. This organization works with the environment of a child (namely parents and teachers) to nurture happy, healthy, responsible and unstoppable children. With its ground firmly being- supporting children to discover their inherent unlimited potential, the organization works extensively across the country. One of the major issues that can become a barrier for children to discover this ‘no-limitness’ ; is the crime of Child Sexual Abuse.
By definition, sexual abuse is the act of violating a person’s body with a sexual intent. It includes someone touching a child on their body parts; especially private parts without consent, a child being exposed to someone’s private parts online or offline without informed consent, forcing a child to have sexual intercourse, making the child watch something sexual online or offline, in person or virtually.
In India, there is a rampant upsurge in cases of child sexual abuse. Efforts to eradicate it, are thus the need of the hour.
Creating a dialogue on the intensity and severity of child sexual abuse as a crime will begin with the sensitization of the country’s population towards: the idea of sex as a normal biological need and not a taboo, the disjunction between right or wrong -morality and sex, and the need for parents and teachers to start talking to children about sex and sexuality, preceding the crime of sexual abuse.
Eradication of Child Sexual Abuse can begin only when children and caregivers are aligned to the aforementioned ideas. Parwarish Cares Foundation has created a mission to accomplish these.
The organization stands firmly on the idea that before eradicating Sexual Abuse- a structural problem, it is necessary to have a conversation on what Sexual Abuse actually implies and more importantly, where it stems from. In the quest to do this, the organization has launched its powerful campaign called ‘AAO BAAT KAREIN”, with the objective of eradicating all kinds of sexual abuse from the country by the year 2030.
We are celebrating the coverage of the Aao Baat Karein Campaign at Parwarish Cares Foundation. Through its workshops, by November 30th, the campaign has covered One lakh Six thousand, two hundred and thirty two children (1,06,232), 4500 teachers, 4500 parents, more than 500 caregivers, and counselors across various states of India. This includes government schools, private schools, non-government organizations, cities, sub urban areas, villages and public spaces across the country. The Aao Baat Karein campaign also launched its street theatre project, that translated the session into a ‘nukkad naatak’ which was performed and accepted generously in several public spaces in Delhi including Connaught Place, Palika Bazar and so on. It is currently ready for its second season with several performances in schools across the city in association with Tagore International School.
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This campaign covers a lot of aspects which serve to make it a unique experience.
1. Trainers and educators get trained in the module and are equipped to tweak/modify it as per the children they cater to. Our module and presentation with a poster on the same are given to the teachers after the session so that it can be consistently carried out with children.
2. Participants dialogue about ‘why’ there is a need to talk about sexual abuse and its eradication and ‘how’ to go about it.
3. Participants/Children get aware of the various kinds of myths about sexual abuse that surround us. They get a glimpse of the reality of the prevalence of child sexual abuse through actual facts from reliable sources.
4. Children/participants are introduced to and understand the meaning of an ‘Unsafe’ touch and its difference from the otherwise taught ‘Bad touch’. This is a completely new addition to modules on sexual abuse.
5. Participants/Children are trained/ empowered to say NO- through a process of experiential learning, where they learn of the power of this word. Unless and until each person experiences the power of this through a process specifically designed for the session, the session does not progress forward.
6. Children get acquainted with the numerous ways and situations that can be of sexual abuse in their own lives and the several helpline numbers they can contact on.
7. Children/ participants demarcate between sexual abuse that happens via physical contact and that which happens without physical contact (Non- contact sexual abuse).
8. Children/ participants see in reality how a person facing sexual abuse would feel and the environment to be created around this person to empower them to deal with the trauma and effects of sexual abuse.
To know more about this powerful campaign, visit the site www.parwarishcares.org and become a champion contributor for this cause by clicking HERE!

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