Parola Organised ‘The Joust’ 2019

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With 9 events in the span of two days, we explored a plethora of literary activities. With over
450 participants from colleges across India, The Joust culminated as the convergence of the most
esteemed literary enthusiasts.
1) National Integration Council: It discussed various causes that bring inequalities and
marginalize certain sections of society. The delegates also discussed various solutions to
integrate the country into a cohesive society.
2) United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation: It discussed ways
to curb the barriers to educate the refugee population and find feasible solutions for
mitigating the refugee crisis.
3) International Organisation for Migration: It discussed the problems faced by
environmental migrants who migrate due to extreme climatic changes.
4) Penned: It was a creative writing competition that challenged the participants to use their
imaginative brain to come with new characters of already existing TV Series or books,
and also change the climax of the most entertaining scenes.
5) Inquizitive: The quiz challenged young minds of their capability to keep up with the
world of science, sports, government, Hollywood, etc.
6) Tarksangram: A Multi-format Hindi Debate had rational topics and opinions were
discussed. Apart from this, both arguments contained one major aspect of social media
influence on society. It was hence a very resourceful event.
7) Cerebrate: An English conventional debate discussed how slacktivism has become the
force of change and many mind-boggling constructives were made hence making this
event very interesting.
8) Press: It covered all the intricate details that happened in these 9 events in the duration of
two days. The photographers covered the event extensively and many great photos came
out of it.
9) Verses: A slam poetry event hard poems that ignited a fire and made us question the
things around us. Beautifully spoken poems that remained with us forever.
The event was a great success and your support was as vital as anyone else.
Thank You.

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