XIMB Presents ‘Business Excellence Summit’

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3Day 2 of the second edition of Business Excellence Summit, XIMB which took place on 14th September 2019 began with a panel discussion on the theme “Invest. Innovate & Integrate”.

Mr. Saurav Mohanty, Co-Founder & CEO, CDS Development Centre LLP, Mr. Aharnish Mishra, Co-Founder, BiziBean, Mr. Sujit Panigrahi, Co-Founder & CEO, Sequoia Fitness & Sports Technology and Mr. Naveen Kejriwal, General Manager – Eastern India and Overseas, Lenovo, served as panelists for the session. The moderator of the discussion, Dr. DV Ramana, started the session by posing the question of whether innovation could bridge the gap between rich and poor and reduce educational inequality.
Mr. Naveen Kejriwal, the first speaker of the day discussed how it is important to consider if the ideas are practical, radically new and sustainable. He also emphasized the significance of creating core groups that must involve field people as well. Mr. Sujit Panigrahi furthered the discussion and elucidated the importance of investing in human capital, collaborations, relationships, and intellectual property. He talked about building cohesive innovation architecture and agility. Mr. Aharnish Mishra, the third speaker of the panel advanced the discussion by focusing on how innovation is all about creating meaning for oneself. “Innovation is disrupting the curve and moving to a higher curve. Go bold, go big, and change your curve”. Mr. Saurav K Mohanty, the final speaker of the panel stated that the only person who could ensure direct rewards and sustainability is us, hence one must invest in oneself. “The purpose of innovation is to simplify the tasks and believe that it would make things happen”.
This was followed by an interactive session where the inquisitive students posed thought-provoking questions to the panelists. Prof. Ramana felicitated the speakers and concluded the session with a vote of thanks.

The second half of the summit began with a panel discussion on the theme “Glocalization in business”. The moderator for the discussion, Prof Santosh Kumar Prusty opened the floor for discussion by stating that “Glocalization requires globalization”.

Mrs. Prativa Mohapatra, Vice president – sales, IBM, was the first speaker for the panel discussion. She spoke about how businesses today have various facets, mainly globalization, glocalization, extreme glocalization, personalization and even reverse globalization and how these facets are visible in the culture, values and even attire of the business.
Mr. Binny Mathews, Vice president & Business head – Utilities, resources & energy sector, Infosys, was the second speaker for the panel discussion. He spoke about how glocalization is an age-old concept and described real-time business scenarios that exhibit how global traditions and products are localized to suit the needs of the people.

Mr. Debabrat Mishra, Partner at Deloitte was the third speaker for the panel discussion, emphasized the significance of imbibing a global mindset to survive in the ever-changing business world.

The discussion was followed by an interactive Q&A session and the felicitation of the panelists. Mr. Shivam Jolly, co-ordinator of X-FIN concluded the discussion with a vote of thanks.

During a simultaneous leadership talk delivered by Mr. Ashesh Kumar, Head- Analytics of L&T financial services spoke about delivering value proposition through analytics.

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