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The Reality of College Life: Fresher's Edition

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After the initial week of jitters and anxiety finishes, faces start to become familiar and the freshers’ no longer need to ask three people for directions to their classrooms. Here’s looking at college life, through the eyes of a fresher.  Somewhere between metro rides, attending lectures half-asleep and making innumerable plans to meet at the nearest chai tapri each day, college life for the most recent batch has kick-started. And it is exultingly unexpected and exhausting at the same time. High school puts most of us in a sheltered and protective delusion where one is far away from the finer nuances and greater responsibilities of adulting. My initial experience of college life at the North Campus of the University of Delhi (DU) has been liberating and eye-opening. The diverse spectrum of students, the dynamics of an all-girls institution and the ever-lasting juggle between academics and co-curricular activities forms the entire experience of college which continues to teach me something new every day. The college has become a stepping-stone of unlearning for me. The judgments, opinions, norms, realities, and conditions that I was exposed to earlier, have all been rethought. The political protests, opinionated teachers, vocal classmates, and active media on campus have exposed me to broader perspectives, new ways of thinking and encouraged me to look at things through a fresh lens. Satviki Sanjay, a first-year student of B.A (Honours) Philosophy from Miranda House says, “Despite popular belief, going to college in DU is so much more than just “chilling”. It gives you the much-needed space to work on your interests and your area of study, which was not possible in school. Being at the University gives you freedom but at the same time, it teaches you the idea of being responsible for yourself. For me, the most enriching experience so far has been meeting different people in numerous societies and being exposed to varying opinions.” The diverse and democratic environment of the University has exposed me to its rich legacy and heritage. It has already pushed me to put my best foot forward, push myself, make the most of the opportunities at hand and get out of my comfort zone. Like me, many first-years are looking forward to the next three years of college and live by the motto – “Sleep more than you study, study more than you party, party as much as you can!” Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Bhavya Pandey [email protected]]]>

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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