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No Congress Supported Candidate for DUTA President Post

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No candidate supported by the Indian National Congress is contesting elections this time for the post of Delhi University Teachers’ Association’s President.

For the upcoming Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) Elections for the year 2019-2021, no candidate supported by the Indian National Congress is standing up for the post of President. Senior Congress leader, Kiran Walia said that the party didn’t want to divide secular forces and so chose to keep away from the DUTA polls.

Mr. Ashwini Shankar, the Chairperson of Indian National Teachers’ Congress (INTEC), the official Congress teachers group at the University of Delhi also commented on the issue. He said, “With the country in such turmoil, we wanted to put our best foot forward. Academics for Action and Development support our ideology and so this time we have decided to join our forces and support their candidate, Aditya Narayan Misra. He is a strong candidate and we have faith in him.”

The INTEC has, however, put up three candidates for the 15-member Executive Council. Walia, with full confidence said, “We have fielded three EC candidates and all three are likely to win.” These candidates are Vivek Chaudhary, sitting secretary in DUTA, Udayvir, a teacher of Electronics at Acharya Narendra Dev College, and Pradeep Kumar, History teacher at Zakir Husain College. She said that she does not believe that the ideology of the Congress party has lost its relevance in the University campus as a result of the recent Lok Sabha and State Elections.

Rasal Singh, member of the Academic Council, however, believes that the result of the DUTA Elections will reflect on the upcoming Assembly Elections. “The Modi factor will impact this election too and the outcome will impact the Assembly elections as the DUTA election reflects the mood of the intellectuals.”

The DUTA Elections 2019-2021 are going to be held on 29th August 2019, and the votes will be counted on the same day.

Feature Image Credits: The Indian Wire

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