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Triple Talaq Bill: Students’ Views

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The passing of the Triple Talaq Bill has led to many discussions on campus among students. DU
Beat shares some of the student’s opinions on this new law.

On 1 st August 2019, President Ram Nath Kovind gave assent to The Muslim Women (Protection
of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019 making the practice of Triple Talaq a criminal offence,
punishable by law. This has led to many ethical and legal discussions taking place across the
University campus. While many believe it to be a move by the government for the empowerment
of Muslim women, others believe that the government is especially targeting the Muslim
community. According to the new law, if a Muslim man divorces his wife by uttering ‘Talaq’
thrice to her, physically or through any other medium, then he will be sentenced to a 3 year jail

A Muslim female student of the University of Delhi who wanted to remain anonymous said,
“The Supreme Court has already declared the practice of Triple Talaq null and void, so why has
the government turned a civil matter into a criminal one. I am against the practice of Triple
Talaq, but why are men from other religions not being punished for abandoning their wives?”
Another Muslim student of the University who wanted to remain anonymous as well said, “This
law, in reality, is going to hurt Muslim women who are not financially and socially independent,
and most women who have to suffer through the practice of Triple Talaq aren’t. The law
provides for maintenance of the wife and children but how does the government expect a man
sitting in jail to provide for his family? Also, in communities where the practice of Triple Talaq
is seen as valid, a woman usually needs a man for any kind of social standing. Reconciliation
between the husband and wife because of this law is going to be almost impossible now.”

Feature Image Credits: Indian Express

Juhi Bhargava
[email protected]

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